NeNe Leakes Calls Brielle Biermann A Racist Over Bug Comment: Kenya Moore Shares Opinion On Huge 'RHOA' Feud

NeNe Leakes is returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the upcoming season of the show, and she appeared to be excited to return, as she was getting along with Kim Zolciak. However, their friendship appears to be over for good after NeNe decided to break her silence on social media this afternoon. Apparently, Leakes is convinced that Kim's daughter, Brielle Biermann, called NeNe a "roach." It all started when Kim and Brielle went to see NeNe's new home and Brielle filmed a video from NeNe's bathroom, where a bug is crawling across the floor.

When Leakes saw the post, she flipped out. According to a new Instagram post, NeNe Leakes is now revealing that children are not off limits when they start the feud. Leakes continued to explain that Kim and Brielle were so jealous of the home that they didn't even compliment it. She also pointed out that Kim had raised Brielle to be racist. In a series of hashtags, Leakes explained that she doesn't like racists and this is why she chose not to film a spin-off show with Kim.

When fans were confused as to what NeNe Leakes was talking about when she called out Kim and Brielle, she shared the video that Brielle had previously shared. In it, Brielle is filming herself in what appears to be NeNe's bathroom and she caught a bug crawling around. Leakes is convinced that Brielle brought the roach into the home so she could humiliate NeNe. In her post, NeNe doesn't hold back when it comes to shaming Brielle, even though she is Kim's daughter. Usually, the children of the wives are off limits, but Leakes believes that if Brielle can dish it out, she can take it as well.

The ladies are just returning from a cast trip to Barcelona, but it appears that some of the ladies decided to stay home. Even though NeNe Leakes' return to the show had some people worried that she would feud with Kenya Moore, it sounds like these two ladies couldn't agree more about Kim. Kenya saw NeNe's post and shared it with her own opinion. As it turns out, Moore doesn't have nice things to say about Kim either. While Leakes went after Brielle in her post, Kenya had some harsh words for Kim.

"**********I totally agree with you about that devil," Kenya Moore added while sharing NeNe's post, adding a bunch of hashtags to share what she really thought about Kim, which included accusations that she lies about everything, that she lied about having cancer, that she pimped her daughter, and that Kim would do anything for money.

Fans on social media are excited and curious about this feud. The ladies have been filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta and they had all been keeping a low profile. All of a sudden, Leakes comes on Instagram and makes accusations that Brielle is a racist. Surely, it will be an entertaining season once the show returns later this year on Bravo.

What do you think about NeNe Leakes' decision to call out Brielle? What do you think happened at Leakes' home?

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for VH1/Viacom]