Huge Update On How Long Jeff Hardy Will Be Out: Will He Miss 'WrestleMania?'

There is updated news on how long Jeff Hardy is expected to be out from his shoulder surgery. According to PWInsider, via Bleacher Report, Hardy was forced to have a second surgery, which will put him out for six-to-nine months. As a result, Jeff will most likely miss WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The best case scenario would put him ready to make another surprise return, but that is highly unlikely.

Since making his return at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been relying on the nostalgia pop that occurred inside the Citrus Bowl, which led to the team winning their seventh WWE Tag Team Championship. However, the steam has been subsiding for the past few months, primarily due to their ongoing feud with Sheamus and Cesaro, which led to several matches.

For a short period of time, WWE attempted to revive a singles career for Jeff, as he won the No. 1 contender battle royal on an episode of Raw, and competed against Miz the following week for the Intercontinental Championship. Jeff lost to Miz, but had another opportunity to vie for the IC title in a four-way match. This, however, was when he injured himself, as he landed improperly on his shoulder following the "Tower of Doom" suplex spot.

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Since Jeff's injury, Matt Hardy has been looking for a partner to fill in for his brother, and seemingly Jason Jordan was the suitable replacement. However, the team has traded wins and losses over the past couple of weeks, and it is uncertain if the duo will continue.

Matt has been slowly transforming back into his "broken" character, which is most likely the direction he will go since Jeff will be out until next year. This has been what many fans have been anticipating since their return, and Jeff could easily migrate into Matt's "broken brilliance" once he returns.

Until then, he will be recovering and reflecting on where his position will be when he comes back. Jeff, 40, is reaching the final years of his full-time career, and hopefully this injury did not make that timeline shorter.

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