Stephen Paddock Eyed Boston's Fenway Park Before Las Vegas Shooting

Chilling details emerge of the Las Vegas shooter's movements leading up to a massacre that ended the lives of 59 people and injured more than 500. It was a week ago today that Stephen Paddock checked into the Las Vegas hotel that overlooks the area where a country music festival was about to take place.

The latest details put Stephen Paddock not getting the two-room suite that he requested when he first checked in because it was occupied. But two days later it was his and he moved into the rooms that would soon become the stage for the worst mass shooting in the modern-day history of this country. That shooting could have happened elsewhere, and if Paddock's search history on Google is any indication, that place may have been Boston. Fenway Park was one of the places Paddock researched, reports the Boston Globe.

What Paddock was about to embark on when checking into his hand-picked suite of rooms on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel was unknown to anyone at the hotel at the time. But he moved into those rooms with tons of luggage, all hand-delivered by himself. According to Fox News on Thursday afternoon, Paddock didn't use a bellboy to help him move his luggage to the 32nd floor; he carried it on his own, making multiple trips.

Now that law enforcement has had a few days to go through Stephen Paddock's belongings, both from his hotel room and his home, a few more details have emerged. It was learned that Paddock had booked hotel rooms overlooking various events before he actually went through with the Las Vegas shooting. One of the events was the Lollapalooza concert in Chicago.

According to CBS News, he booked a room at the Chicago's Blackstone Hotel that overlooked the park where the Lollapalooza music festival was being held. Just a week before this horrendous Las Vegas shooting, Paddock rented a high-rise condo in a Las Vegas building that overlooked the Life is Beautiful music festival. This venue is an alternative music festival, according to Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.
According to the Boston Globe, Paddock researched Fenway Park, along with Boston-area concert venues, before he embarked on the Las Vegas massacre. One government official who was briefed on the matter said, "Paddock had been Googling Fenway Park and the Boston Center for the Arts." This official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, did not know if Paddock was actually ever in Boston and they didn't know when that search was done.

Another official, also speaking under anonymity, confirmed that Paddock had been searching Boston concert venues. As the Boston Globe reports, Fenway Park hosts some of the biggest concert venues during the summer months. The same country music artist, Jason Aldean, who was playing when the massacre in Las Vegas started, sold out Fenway Park last year in 90 minutes.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]