Jeremy Lin Heckled By Tracy Morgan At Madison Square Garden

Jeremy Lin was heckled by Tracy Morgan when he made his return to Madison Square Garden last week. Upon returning to the home of his former New York Knicks, various publications reported mixed feelings from New York Fans. Apparently, Morgan was not on the happy side of Lin’s return.

According to the New York Post, Tracy Morgan “relentlessly heckled” Lin. Unfortunately, Morgan’s heckling skills were apparently lacking. In one shout out against Jeremy Lin, he reportedly said:

“Hey, Jeremy! How about the Knicks? Best record in the East!”

Morgan, however, didn’t aim his heckling only at Jeremy Lin. He also called out James Harden, yelling:

“I used to have a mohawk my uncle gave me, just like James Harden … But mine was crooked.”

That, ladies and gentleman, is why Tracy Morgan has script writers and doesn’t do improv anymore.

Despite Morgan’s heckling, the Houston Rockets were able to crush the New York Knicks with a final score of 109-96. Jeremy Lin didn’t fare too bad in the game with 22 points, eight assists, and 9 for 15 shooting. Harden did even better with 28 points on the board alongside 10 rebounds.

Tracy Morgan may have been serious about his Jeremy Lin heckling and his attack against James Harden. Then again, he’s notoriously hard to read both on film and in real life.

Do you think the Jeremy Lin heckling attempts made by Tracy Morgan were a bit too unfunny coming from the mouth of a comedian?