'WWE 2K18' Ratings Released For Top WWE Superstar May Upset Wrestling Fans

The WWE 2K18 ratings for superstars on the game's huge roster were recently released and one rating, in particular, may draw the ire of professional wrestling fans. The new game is just weeks away from its official release to the masses with new features, graphics, and playable superstars mixed into the video game. It also brings a similar format to other 2K Sports titles including their NFL and NBA games where athletes in the games receive ratings. For the most part, these ratings tend to bring up debates among the fans and that's the case with WWE 2K18, as well.

A report on Wednesday via Games Radar reveals the WWE superstar with the highest overall rating in the new 2K18 video game. That honor goes to none other than "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns who checks in with a 95 out of a possible 100 rating. Reigns' rating surpasses that of many other top superstars on the game's roster including two superstars he recently defeated: John Cena and The Undertaker. It's also higher than the rating given out to "The Beast" Brock Lesnar, whom Reigns is rumored to be taking on at WWE's WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view next year. It should be noted that both Cena and Lesnar received a 93 rating for the game, the second-best rating behind Reigns.

Roman Reigns highest rating in WWE 2K18
Roman Reigns received a higher rating in the new WWE 2K18 video game than John Cena and other stars. [Image by WWE]

Finn Balor and Seth Rollins receiving 92 scores, while AJ Styles received a 90. Other superstars of note include the current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and Braun Strowman. Mahal received an 88, which was just one above the rating given out to "The Monster Among Men." All of these superstars fail to reach the rating Roman Reigns was given.

The upsetting aspect of the rating for fans may be that the WWE's top guy right now, Roman Reigns, achieved a 95 while legendary superstars in the game didn't achieve anything near that number. Both Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and The Undertaker were each given a 93 rating, while Stone Cold Steve Austin is rated at 92. These ratings are all for these particular WWE superstars during the "prime" of their careers.

It should be noted that a WWE 2K18 ratings prediction post from Bleacher Report's Erik Beaston last month suggested that Reigns would be rated a 94 and tied with Seth Rollins, the game's cover athlete. The predictions also suggested that John Cena was a 94, while AJ Styles was a 95, and Brock Lesnar a 98 rating. Based on that Reigns was well above the stars that many fans may have expected to see at the very top of the list. In particular, one would have to say despite limited appearances, Brock Lesnar is a dominant champion who has overcome several tough matches in the past year.

Of course, WWE fans will want to remember that Roman Reigns' rating is just part of a video game, but it clearly shows that he's "the guy" that WWE continues to push. Some may feel the legends are more deserving of a number like Reigns' has. One would have to think The Rock hit a height of popularity at one point where his stock was through the roof for WWE and based on that he should have a similar rating. The same might be said of John Cena, although he's clearly lost to several newer stars in the past year.

WWE 2K18 rating for Brock Lesnar in new game
WWE 2K18 video game has Brock Lesnar rated a 93 which is tied with John Cena, but still below "The Big Dog." [Image by WWE/2K Sports]

A message is clearly being sent for who the WWE values the most out of their new generation of stars. Roman Reigns will continue to get pushed based on his size, look, and even his other skills in the ring. His upcoming reunion with The Shield may even help him go over a bit more. Still, there will be fans who strongly disagree with his rating. The good news is the game will once again offer wrestling fans an option to create their own superstars, so a 96-rated wrestler may soon be calling out Reigns for a WWE 2K18 squash match.

The WWE 2K18 video game is officially available on Friday, October 13, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4 game systems. Is Reigns' rating in the new game deserved, or should other stars be up there with him?

[Featured Image by WWE]