Trump Caught On Video Calling African-Americans N-Word, Saying Racist Words About Jewish People, Says Producer

President Donald Trump was caught on video saying heinous things about African-American and Jewish people during Trump's days on The Apprentice, according to Bill Pruitt. As heard in the below podcast from NPR called Trump Stories: The Apprentice, President Trump loved the idea of the reality TV show when it was first pitched to Trump -- who heard about the show that was marketed to him as a "concrete jungle" sort of Survivor series, wherein people would compete to work for Trump.

According to Newsweek, however, Trump said some pretty disparaging things while being videotaped for scenes from The Apprentice, such as calling African-Americans the N-word and saying things that allegedly made people in the room gasp with shock about Jewish people and other minorities. The videos of Trump saying these things are "somewhere in the warehouse," according to Bill. The offensive comments still reportedly exist in video recordings that make up the outtakes of the NBC reality show. With Trump hosting the show for 14 seasons, there is plenty of footage that made it to the air, and video footage that was left on the cutting room floor, as it were. The show that changed how people viewed Trump and made him a superstar may have eventually propelled Trump to the presidency, but Pruitt, who produced the first and second season of The Apprentice, warned his Twitter users on October 8, 2016, that the #trumptapes contained "far worse" language than what was leaked when Trump spoke with Billy Bush. According to Chris Nee, another producer on the show, Trump used the N-word.

Due to the show constantly being recorded with lots of footage in the boardroom scenes, it gave plenty of time for Trump to let down his hair on The Apprentice. Pruitt claimed that the things Trump said weren't so much derogatory against women as they were racial issues.

"'No, very much a racist issue.' Pressed further on whether it was about African-Americans, Jewish people or all of the above,' Pruitt responded 'yes' to all three. 'When you heard these things there's the audible gasp that is quickly followed by a cough and then you just sort of carry on.'"
Pruitt went on to say that while people were shocked by Trump's offensive words, no one challenged Trump not to say them or confronted him about the alleged racist talk. According to the White House, the NPR interview contains the "same recycled and false attacks." Meanwhile, Bill regrets his role in ever creating an image of Trump in the boardroom on the reality TV show that might have helped Trump's voters see him as a viable presidential candidate.
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