Ivanka Trump Makes New Admissions About White House Role After Rumors Of Exit Strategy Surface

Ivanka Trump is making new admissions about her role as her father's special assistant and what it's like living in Washington, D.C. The first daughter has endured a culture shock in many respects, including owning an actual house rather than residing all her life in an apartment. A few days ago, it was reported that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, may leave behind Washington in the near future because they never intended to stay all four years of President Donald Trump's term.

As reported by the Inquisitr, which cited an exclusive by Axios, sources say an exit strategy for Ivanka Trump is already being planned out. One of the options on the table is to have President Trump announce that his daughter has paid too high of a price by working in his administration, and he wants her to return to her own life.

Us Weekly's cover story centers around an in-depth interview with Ivanka. The 35-year-old is candid in her answers, admitting that her life in Washington, D.C., has its challenges. She reveals that the things being said about her do get to her and that she definitely misses her private life in many ways.

Moving to Washington was a huge change in and of itself. In fact, Ivanka Trump explains that she had to put her good negotiating skills to use with her own children. She offered them a swing set to be installed in the backyard of their six-bedroom mansion. She said that's all it took and things were good with the kids!

When it comes other aspects of her big move, Ivanka says it took some time to "acclimate to the intensity of the experience." She feels blessed every day to have the opportunity she has to work for causes she cares so much about, sharing that she gets "goosebumps" every time she walks into the White House.

When she was asked about the scrutiny she's subjected to, Trump admits there are things she could go on about, but she can't complain overall. The seasoned businesswoman does miss a lot of things that were easier in her life, such as being her own boss, setting her own schedule, and balancing family time more evenly. She says the position she now holds has much more gravity to it, and if she's up at night worrying about something, it's because it carries so much more consequence.

Does Ivanka Trump get bothered by the negativity she's faced with on a daily basis? She admits that it's hard "all the time" to be attacked and that she's an emotional person. It's difficult for her to tune out all of the "noise," but she's committed to maintaining her focus.

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