Jimmy Kimmel Targeted By Street Artist After His Latest Tearful Monologue

As late-night talk show hosts continue to offer their more political thoughts in the era of President Donald Trump, it seems that it was only a matter of time before one of them would be the target of a less than happy conservative. Now one conservative street artist, who goes by the name Sabo, has chosen to take his complaints against one of those late-night hosts, Jimmy Kimmel, to the streets.

In the early morning hours of October 5, Sabo posted fake advertisement posters that he had created, which give Jimmy Kimmel the look of a young Johnny Depp from his movie Cry Baby. In two separate posters, the street artist made it clear what his thoughts are regarding the late-night host.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, one of the posters simply reads that "Jimmy Kimmel is a Cry-Baby," with a picture of a Johnny Depp-looking Kimmel, featuring a fake tear on his cheek. The late-night host seems to be wearing the signature leather coat and slicked back hair that Depp famously showed off in the movie Cry Baby. In the second poster, it appears to be more of a faux-advertisement for a show called The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour. This poster was a call back to a previous talk show that Kimmel co-hosted with Adam Carolla, The Man Show, while also being a play off of his current late-night show.

About one dozen posters were apparently left by Sabo near Jimmy Kimmel's home in Hollywood, as well as near the Chateau Marmont Hotel. The posters in these areas could be found in harder to reach spots. Other posters were also found on Hollywood Boulevard near the studio for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, although many of these fake advertisements were in easier-to-reach areas. In fact, a number of these fake advertisements popped up in places where real ads for television programs would be placed, such as on benches at bus stops.

On his Twitter page, Sabo used the Jimmy Kimmel Cry Baby posters in a few different tweets as he called out the late-night host for some of his comments. In one tweet, the conservative street artist asked why Kimmel does not cry for the people gunned down in Detroit and Chicago every weekend, when those numbers are in line with the people killed in Las Vegas. In another tweet, Sabo questions when the late-night host will start crying for the people who are "killed" by the pharmaceutical industry.

According to Sabo, every evening people let Jimmy Kimmel into their homes because there was a point when "we considered him to be entertaining." Now the street artist feels that the late-night host is nothing more than "a talking head for the Democrat party."

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]