Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Reportedly Planning On Meeting Up Behind The Weeknd's Back

Selena Gomez recently opened up about undergoing a kidney transplant because of her battle with lupus, and her story affected not just her fans, but her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, too. Is it possible that Gomez's health issues prompted the singer and her ex to reconnect?

In Touch reports that when Bieber heard about Gomez's transplant, he immediately called her mother, Mandy Teefey, to find out how things were going. He also apologized for how he treated Gomez during their rollercoaster relationship and said he would be there for her now.

According to OK! Magazine, their source says that Bieber's phone call and apology made Gomez decide that it was time to forgive her ex, and the two have made plans to meet up.

However, Gomez is currently in a relationship with The Weeknd, and he isn't likely to be thrilled about his girlfriend meeting up with Bieber. The OK! source says that Gomez hasn't told her new man about the planned meeting with her ex, and when he does find out, he will be jealous.

Since Gomez and Bieber ended their relationship, the "Fetish" singer has had to deal with the drama surrounding her ex-boyfriend. Someone hacked her social media accounts and posted two-year-old nude pictures of the "Sorry" singer.

Sources at In Touch claim that this isn't Bieber's first attempt to get Gomez back. It was only a few months ago that he decided he wanted to get back together with the singer and has called her many times since canceling his tour. He is reportedly wanting to spend time with old friends and family while trying to put his life on a new path.

Over the past couple of years, Bieber has dealt with getting arrested for DUI, numerous car accidents, and reports of drug use and outrageous partying. Many close to the singer are scared he is out of control. Even his manager, Scooter Braun, has said that Bieber has been in a dark place, and others in the industry encouraged him to cut ties.

Braun decided to stick around and support the pop superstar, who he discovered online when Bieber was just 13-years-old.

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