Jesus Campos Photos, GoFundMe Page: Mexican-American Las Vegas Security Guard Adored As Hero, But Not By Trump

Photos of Jesus Campos are making their way online, as Jesus is being praised as a Mexican-American hero in the Las Vegas shooting tragedy. As seen in one supposed photo of Campos, a Facebook user shared a photo of a man who also appears on the Jesús Campos Twitter account at @jeracam -- although the description of that profile lists Campos as "Director Rutaca Airlines, Danz and Marinos de Anzoategui," and has Venezuela as a location. Plenty of other buzz about Campos is emerging on Twitter. According to the searches appearing on Twitter when searching for the name Jesus Campos, terms like "Jesus Campos Mexican" and "Jesus Campos Las Vegas" and "Jesus Campos hero" -- along with his GoFundMe page -- are ruling the roost.

According to CNN, Campos is out of the hospital, but Jesus will have to return to the hospital in order to get the bullet removed from his leg. Campos assisted officers by giving them the key pass to the hotel rooms and helped clear people from the hotel to safety, even after Jesus was shot in the leg by Paddock. Officers finally insisted that Campos go get medical help. A GoFundMe page by Liliana Rodriguez has raised $10,395 of its $20,000 goal, with Rodriguez purporting to be Jesus' co-worker, writing that hers was the only GoFundMe page with funds being raised to directly benefit Jesus.

As reported by the Daily Beast, Jesus did not have any guns on him at all when Campos approached the heavily-armed hotel room of Stephen Paddock Sunday evening on the 32rd floor of Mandalay Bay. Because Paddock had installed cameras in the hallway of the hotel in order to see who was approaching his room, Campos became a victim of gunfire when Stephen fired through his blocked hotel room door and wounded Campos in the leg. Campos was able to radio in to the dispatch unit of the casino in order to reveal both his location and Paddock's location. As such, Jesus is being hailed as a hero for taking Paddock's attention away from shooting other victims.
Represented by Dave Hickey, president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, Campos is a Mandalay Bay security guard who is getting loads of attention online and being hailed as a hero. However, even as folks online guess that Campos represents a Mexican-American heritage, the same Internet users are criticizing President Trump for not placing more attention on Campos as a hero.
President Trump has publicly hailed all the first responders in the Las Vegas mass shooting, however, as seen in some of the below tweets, people believe that Trump should do more to praise Jesus as a hero who approached Stephen unarmed and helped reveal the killer's location and save countless souls.
[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]