Potential Spoiler On Jinder Mahal And The WWE Championship Following 'Hell In A Cell'

The annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will occur this Sunday, and there are already some signs of who will have the WWE Championship at the end of the show. Challenger Shinsuke Nakamura will face champion Jinder Mahal in their second match of the series. Their first match, at SummerSlam, ended with Mahal picking up the victory after the usual spot of the Singh Brothers interfering. Nakamura had to defeat John Cena on SmackDown Live to earn the spot in the match but also had to regain the opportunity after losing to Mahal.

Nakamura was able to get back to being the No. 1 contender and having a match at this Sunday's Hell in a Cell, and the past number of weeks have been oversaturated with Mahal making fun of Nakamura and the way he speaks. On one segment, Mahal and the Singh Brothers went "too far," and it was even felt by the crowd who started chanting that. As a result, WWE sent out a statement to clear the air of what occurred.

In the statement, which addressed Mahal and the Singh Brothers mocking his face and Japanese accent (saying "rook" instead of "look"), WWE reminded viewers that the company accepts and celebrates individuals from all backgrounds, and the programming is created with "fictional personalities."

[Image by WWE]

Despite this major media snag, the angle has marched on, and the two will face each other once again this Sunday. Following the controversial segment, Mahal and the Singh Brothers once again went to the ring and mocked Nakamura. This time, the expected still shot on the jumbotron turned out to actually be Nakamura, who warned the trio that he is in the arena and is coming to get them. Nakamura fulfilled his promise and gained an advantage on the particular episode of SmackDown Live.

Most recently, however, Mahal attacked Nakamura after being distracted by the Singh Brothers, regaining his momentum leading to their championship match. Seemingly, WWE is making Mahal look good to make Nakamura's win look better. However, Triple H announced that Mahal is now scheduled to appear in India next week, ahead of their WWE Live appearance in December.

This announcement provides a huge level of speculation that Mahal will indeed retain the title following the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Since their India appearance in December is two months away, the title could have changed hands before then, and Mahal could have regained it at the live event or shortly before. However, it would be expected that Mahal would make his appearance next week with the title draped over his shoulder.

Although Mahal's WWE Championship win and subsequent run have received a great deal of criticism from fans, WWE is clearly not giving up on their quest to cater to the Indian market in 2017.

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