Duggar Family News: Kids Segregated Again As Josh Duggar Molestation Scandal Rises, But Josie Brought Along

The Duggars have developed a specific child-rearing technique over the years. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had 19 kids over the course of their marriage, which means that they had to come up with rules to govern their brood. Their methods are not all widely accepted, as blanket training and modest dress code has spurred on some controversy amongst Counting On fans. One thing that they consistently apply is that they segregate their kids by gender when it comes to planning family activities.

Ever since their eldest son Josh Duggar's molestation scandal wrecked the family's reputation, they have been hosting more and more of these gender-segregated activities for their children.

This week, he family uploaded a picture of their most recent outing to seea demolition derby this week. To those who are not familiar with this particular American country fair event, it is a motorsport consisting of "five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another."

When captioning the series of photos taken at the event, they wrote, "Fun family times at the demolition derby the other night! The boys loved every minute of it!"

This is not the first time that they have separated their sons from their daughters to go on a special outing. About a month ago, Jim Bob Duggar took the boys to Fort Rock Family Camp's Courageous Men of the World, which consisted of getting the kids "Battle Ready" by giving them opportunities to practice shooting with "shotguns and rifles."

The fans reacted to this post by saying that "some of the girls would have enjoyed this too."

Then the family took the boys out to an Oshkosh airshow in the midwest.


This time, though, while the family noted that "the boys loved every minute of it," Josie Duggar, their youngest daughter, seemed to have been present at the demolition derby. While the other boys were smiling for the picture, she seemed to be caught off guard, wearing her headphones.


"I spy sweet little Josie peeking out from behind Michelle's luscious hair," one fan noted. "She's not a boy so does that mean she didn't love every minute of it? [...] The post says the boys enjoyed it. So I'm wondering how Josie felt."

As summer folded into autumn, the Duggar family experienced more scandals. Josh Duggar had his fifth son this September, which raised a lot of question about his ability to parent kids as a molester, Joy-Anna Duggar debuted her baby bump, which seemed a lot bigger than it should be, and Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, has continued to post transphobic content on his Twitter, showing how he still stands behind what he said about Jazz Jennings, the star of TLC's show I Am Jazz.

Do you think the Duggar family will continue to create gender-specific outings for their children? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]