Michael Schumacher Update: German Racer Continues To Inspire Despite Condition -- Is He Getting Better?

Michael Schumacher suffered a life-threatening injury after he hit his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps in December of 2013. No concrete details about the latest condition of the Formula 1 legend have been released up until now, but previous reports claimed that he showed moments of consciousness and awakening. Recently, a former associate of the German racer expressed how he misses the "greatest driver the sport has ever seen."

Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel shared to Corriere della Sera, as cited by Express, that he misses Michael Schumacher very much. The 2008 Italian Grand Prix champion confessed he admires the German driver who holds records for most Grand Prix wins. He even said that Schumacher had given him advice during the early stages of his career.

"I miss his advice, it was perfect. It could be adapted to any situation, and it would work."

The 28-year-old athlete told the news outlet that he was teary-eyed after seeing a tribute show for Michael Schumacher. Sebastian Vettel even divulged that the Formula 1 legend would always be his inspiration.

"He will always be the number one," he told the publication.

"Over time I got to know the person who is not just a race driver, he's been working hard to bring Ferrari to the top. Incredible."

The four-time Formula 1 world champion even recalled when he first saw his idol. Sebastian Vettel admitted he was speechless when he finally had a chance to see Michael Schumacher face to face.

"I could not open my mouth, I was so tense," he admitted to the Italian news outlet.

"He is one of the few people you meet in life, who have an answer for everything."

Sebastian Vettel revealed that Michael Schumacher will always be his inspiration
Sebastian Vettel revealed that Michael Schumacher will always be his inspiration. [Image by Clive Mason/Getty Images]

For starters, Sebastian Vettel is being considered as the next Michael Schumacher. The duo previously competed together on five racing events. Vettel and Schumacher represented Germany in the Race of Champions from 2007 up to 2011.

Meanwhile, Bravo previously reported that Michael Schumacher could possibly be transferred from his home in Geneva, Switzerland, to his cattle ranch in Dallas, Texas. It is said that a certain Dr. Mark Meeks offered a state-of-the-art treatment for the Formula 1 legend. The brain specialist claimed his experience in handling trauma patients could be helpful in the German racer's recovery.

"There is probably no clinic in Europe that handles as many cases as we do."
Since the transfer reports made rounds online, fans cannot help but speculate that the health condition of the Formula 1 legend remains the same even after he underwent two life-saving operations in 2014. While these speculations could possibly be true, it should be noted that the family of Michael Schumacher has yet to confirm or deny these claims. Hence, avid fans of the retired German racing driver should take everything lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

[Featured Image by Clive Mason/Getty Images]