Public Continues To Mock Melania Trump For Wearing Sunglasses At Night

Whether it is about wearing designer stilettos to a hurricane disaster sight, or wearing sunglasses at night, in the dark, First Lady Melania Trump just can't seem to shake off the public's harsh criticism of her extravagant and sometimes inappropriate fashion choices.

This is the second time in a week that Melania has been berated on social media sights on the topic of sunglasses. In the first instance, as reported by the Daily Mail, the first lady was rebuked by Twitter users for keeping her shades on - thus unable to make eye-contact - while meeting Puerto Rican hurricane victims.

But this time Twitter was abuzz with comments about Melania wearing large, dark sunglasses in the dead of night.

Yesterday President Donald Trump was accompanied by Melania to a memorial service for the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting incident. At this point, Melania was already wearing her big black sunglasses, which she must have kept on for the journey back to Washington.

First Lady Melania stepped off Marine One dressed in an elegant black garment after landing on the White House lawn. What did not make sense to the social media fashion police was why Melania would need to wear eye protection from the sun when the sun was not shining.

Some members of the public suggested that it might be that Melania is unable to show empathy towards the victims of the recent spate of natural disasters, while other speculate that it may just be a fashion quirk and nothing more.

But, oddly, the first lady seems to have a pattern of wearing sunglasses at night. She was wearing them on Tuesday night when the Trumps returned from Puerto Rico.

President Trump and First Lady Return to the White House From Puerto Rico with sunglasses
Melania Trump sporting sunglasses at night as she returns to the White House after a day trip to Puerto Rico. [Image by Mike Theiler/Getty Images]

And again, in late August, those big black glasses made an appearance as Melania, and President Trump returned from Houston.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk on the South Lawn after they returned to the White House
President Trump returns from Texas with Melania wearing sunglasses after observing the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. [Image by Mike Theiler/Getty Images]

In fact, the dark glasses arrived on the scene after Donald, Melania, and Barron came back to the White House earlier this year following what was considered to be a working vacation.

President Trump Arrives Back At The White House After Spending Time In New Jersey
Melania Trump wears dark glasses as the First Family returns after a vacation in New Jersey. [Image by Jim Lo Scalzo/Getty Images]

Each time this has happened, the sun had long vanished beneath the horizon, taking with it all the light and glare that sunglasses were made for.

In Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Melania already came under fire for choosing to wear her sunglasses while meeting victims and rescue workers that were recovering from a violent hurricane that nearly wiped out all electricity and water infrastructure in the region.

For some Twitter users, Melania's glasses were offensive to the people of Puerto Rico who weren't able to make eye-contact with her.

"I wonder if Melania Trump wears big sunglasses in public so no one can see her rolling her eyes at the B.S. her hubby says."
Another quipped: "I'm making a public plea to Melania Trump: stop with the sunglasses (and the heels at disaster areas)."
Another wrote: "With all the suffering people in the world, PLEASE Melania Trump take off your frigging sunglasses and look them in the eye." While another user observed the first lady's behavior closely.
"Melania Trump can't even look #PuertoRico victims in the eye. Wears massive sunglasses & baseball cap, stands at distance when shaking hands."
[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images]