Joey Porter Bounces Check After Earning More Than $50 Million In NFL

Former NFL defensive star Joey Porter recently bounced a check in Las Vegas despite having earned more than $50 million while playing in the National Football League (NFL).

The 35-year-old former Super Bowl champ was arrested in Kern County, California after a warrant was issued by the Clark County District Attorney’s office. The warrant was issued for writing non-sufficient fund checks.

Porter was pulled over by Bakersfield PD during a routine traffic violation when the warrant was discovered.

Bouncing bad checks is one thing; doing it after earning heaps of NFL cash is another. Joey Porter spent 13 seasons in the NFL, and, in 2007, he signed a $32 million deal. That offer was followed by a $24.5 million deal in 2010.

Yet, despite all of his successes, Joey Porter seemed content with blowing through his cash one gamble at a time. Snoops claims that Porter was betting $30,000 per wager last years in Las Vegas. Porters game of choice Craps. Sure, the odds of winning at Craps might be higher than other games, but apparently the odds were still way out of Porters favor.

NFL stars are often notoriously bad with their money, lugging around massive posses and spending cash on flashy houses, high priced cars, and other luxuries. Unfortunately, the career span of NFL stars often doesn’t afford them the luxury of paychecks years down the road.

At this time, the amount of checks written and the amount of money bounced is not known.

Are you surprised by Joey Porter’s sudden loss of extreme wealth?