'LPBW': Tori Roloff Shares Adorable Photo Of Baby Jackson Holding Grandpa Matt Roloff's Children's Book

Lawrence Arboleda

Zach and Tori Roloff's adorable 4-month-old baby, Jackson, has had a pretty eventful weekend during the family's recent Seattle trip, which they capped off by watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the Indiana Colts on Sunday. After what must have been a fun yet tiring weekend trip, Jackson is now enjoying some downtime back home, reading his grandpa's first children's book Little Lucy Big Race, as is shown by Tori's recent Instagram post.

As previously reported by PR Newswire back in September, Baby Roloff's grandpa, Matt Roloff, announced that he has finished writing his first children's book entitledLittle Lucy Big Race, released only a few days ago. In a Facebook post accompanying the book announcement, the Little People Big World's patriarch wrote that he was inspired to write a "fun, uplifting children's book based on having faith, hope and perseverance for life" following a neck surgery that put him through "extreme discomfort and pain."

Matt Roloff first revealed his plans to write a children's book in a LPBW episode last season. His son Zach said that it was "an awesome idea," recalling the times during his childhood when his dad used to tell Jeremy and him bedtime stories.

"He'd come up into our room and lay on Jeremy's bed — it was the bottom bunk — and just make up these crazy stories. Jeremy and me were, like, blown away by. You know, BLOWN AWAY!"

With Jackson Roloff's fifth month just around the corner, Tori must be excited to boast about his son's most recent milestones. As can be gleaned from Tori's latest Instagram update, the mother-and-son duo has been doing some reading courtesy of grandpa's recently-released children's book. As experts say, early exposure to reading plays an integral part in a baby's development, so Little People Big World fans should expect more milestones from Jackson when he turns 5-months old in a week or so!


To order Little Lucy Big Race online, you can visit Matt Roloff's official website at MattRollofMedia.com.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]