Lauren Bushnell Talks About Plans For Future Marriage, How She Feels About It Now

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins met and fell in love on The Bachelor. They got engaged at the end of the season after they didn’t even know each other for very long. Not long after they split, Lauren started dating someone new. E! Online is sharing what Lauren has to say about her plans for marriage in the future and if she will rush an engagement once again.

It has been over five months since Lauren and Ben split and she has learned a lot from it. Lauren is dating Devin Antin and E! wasn’t afraid to ask her if she has big plans to marry him. As of right now, Lauren does see a future with Devin, but she doesn’t want to rush into anything. She said she wants to be “1,000 percent” sure before she even gets engaged. When contestants get engaged on The Bachelor, they haven’t even been with that person very long before they pop the question. It doesn’t sound like Lauren Bushnell will be getting married anytime soon.

Lauren Bushnell explained that marriage is very important and should never be rushed. It does sound like the reality star learned a few things from her relationship with Ben Higgins. As of right now, Ben hasn’t shared that he has found love again, but Lauren didn’t take very long to be with someone new. It was confirmed that Lauren was dating again back in July. Ben did share that he is dating, but nothing is very serious just yet for him. Fans would love to see him become The Bachelor again or join Bachelor: Winter Games and try to find love.

It turns out that Lauren Bushnell actually met him on the app Tinder. It was a while ago and they became friends, but then when she split from Ben Higgins they reconnected. She shared that he was the only guy she ever met from the app.

Are you surprised to hear that Lauren Bushnell found love so fast after her split? Do you think that she is smart to take things slow this time? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss watching Arie Luyendyk Jr. as The Bachelor starts in January of 2018 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Jeff Schear/Getty Images]