Bella Thorne's Nude Pics On Instagram Racist? Actress's Caption About 'Fence'-Hopping Sparks Criticism

Bella Thorne's nude pics were mostly met by positive reactions after she preached about being okay with her insecurities, but some found the last line of her Instagram post featuring the photos a bit racist.

Many applauded when the 19-year-old Disney alum decided not to let GQ Mexico edit her naked pictures for their October 2017 issue as she emphasized that being imperfect and having insecurities are totally fine despite the stigma attached to it, the Inquisitr reported last week.

However, one of her photos was met with criticism after she shared it on Instagram with a lengthy caption about being an imperfect human being who has "insecurities" like everybody else.

"I have insecurities, about pretty much everything. That's natural & that's human. You might look at this photo and think oh shush bella, but just know everytime someone looks in the mirror they simply don't see what everyone else sees," she wrote.

"Know that it's completely normal to feel insecure and it's accepted. honestly I wish everyone talked more about their insecurities so more people in the world could know they aren't alone."
At the end of the caption shared on her social media account, she seemingly called out people to get "over the fence and GET OVER IT" through Bella Thorne's nude pics.
"I'm here to tell you that's right I'm not F*****G PERFECT. IM A HUMAN BEING AND IM REAL. So hip hop your asses over the fence and GET OVER IT."
According to the Revelist, some social media users took this statement as a racist comment directed at the Mexican men's magazine while others argued that it was directed to Mexicans in general.
Others cited by Teen Vogue think the "fence" in the caption of her photo was a reference to the U.S.-Mexico border and the current immigration problem.
However, some of her fans came to her defense, saying that it was quite "a reach" for her statement to become racist and that it is not directed at the magazine or Mexicans in general.
One even noted that the comment was fine because she is a Latina at heart for being half Cuban while another believed that the statement was taken "out of context."
Days after Bella Thorne's nude pics became trending online, the 19-year-old The Babysitter star seemingly reacted to the racist backlash as she reiterated her Latin lineage.
Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to quench some people's thirst for an apology.
Amid the heated debate, the You Get Me actress remains mum even after the Insider tried to take her comment about her supposed racist comment. With that said, her social media post remains open for interpretation until she decides to clarify whether it was meant for Mexicans, the Mexican magazine, haters in general, or somebody else entirely.

Do you think the caption on Bella Thorne's nude pics shared on her Instagram account was racist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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