Former Lucha Underground Champion And Puerto Rican Native Gives Current Update Post-Hurricane Maria

In a trifecta of brutal storms that have recently hit United States soil, Hurricane Maria was one which left many residents of Puerto Rico without food or electricity. While there is still political jargon being said by executive officials over a lack of “leadership” from Puerto Rican representatives, those who live in the country are not concerned about who did what; instead, they just want help.

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a concerted effort to provide food and other forms of assistance to PR natives, in hopes to rebuild the land as soon as possible. Dozens of charities have raised, and will continue to raise, money to help this cause. During a recent concert with Australian Christian worship band Planetshakers, Pastor Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church stated that his missions organization, Bridge of Hope, has sent over a million pounds of food to Puerto Ricans to assist with the heartbreaking state of living that they are currently in.

For family and friends outside of Puerto Rico, it is even more heartbreaking to know that their loved ones are relegated to an extremely uncomfortable condition as a result of this hurricane. I recently spoke to former Lucha Underground Champion and native Puerto Rican Ricky Banderas, also known as Mil Muertes, for a status update. Banderas stated that, thankfully, he and his family are doing okay.

Nowadays, Banderas spends a great deal of his time in Mexico and traveling the world competing in a pro wrestling ring. However, being a native of Puerto Rico, the damage caused by Hurricane Maria hits home.

The sincere hope is that with all the hope and help involved in reconstructing the Caribbean island, the process of rebuilding will produce quick results. While the territory that holds nearly 3.5 million people have witnessed such an indelible mark in the island’s history, many still look at the incident with a sense of brightness, encouraging others and themselves that everything is going to get better soon.

Thankfully, for Lucha Underground star Mil Muertes, his family and friends are doing fine, and well-wishes are sent to all of those who have been directly affected by the storm.

[Featured Image by Lucha Underground]