'Empire': Memories Start To Come Back To Lucious Lyons, Some Are More Than He Is Ready To Face

Empire fans are watching Lucious Lyons, the legendary patriarch, as he struggles with recovery from an explosion that left him an amputee with a traumatic brain injury. His son, Andre, was the mastermind of the attempt on his life. Viewers know that Lucious has a history of being a shady character that would sell out his own family for his own success.

Tonight Lucious' mother triggered a memory for him when she attempted to drown him while he was in the bathtub. It was the memory from his childhood when his mother had attempted to drown him the same way. His nurse, Claudia, ran in to pull Leah off of Lucious and out of the bathroom as she was screaming that he was full of evil. As Lucious watched and listened, he looked very confused by it all, almost like he was trying to figure out what he could possibly have done to deserve death.

According to Bustle, when Claudia took Lucious to a diner he used to go to, he got reacquainted with the owner, Clem. Lucious learned that he used to go there with Eddie. It was easy to track down the other music mogul at a country club wedding. As Eddie shared the story of how he met Lucious with some friends, he came to the part where his new friend viciously beat a man, then locked him in the trunk of a car. As Eddie spoke, Empire fans saw that Lucious had a flood of memories come back that was more than he could handle.

Cookie does not agree with the methods Claudia is using to "fix her man," but still keeps her around. She knows her ex-husband better than anyone else and vows to not let him become Dwight. Empire viewers know that Cookie misses the man she has loved for so many years and wants him back again.

Empire ended tonight with Lucious asking Claudia to stay. He trusts her and doesn't want to be left alone with his family. Though he signed the papers to have Leah committed, he still has Cookie and his sons to deal with. Living the life Lucious had created for himself is too much for him right now, which means a big memory is coming soon.

Which big, brutal moment in his past might help Lucious regain his memory? Do you think he will become what he was before the accident? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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