Google Santa Tracker 2012 Aims Its Sights Squarely At Norad Santa Tracker, Offers More Fun

Are you ready to track Santa Claus with the traditional Norad Santa Tracker? That program has been popular for years, but now there’s a new high-tech alternative in town, and it’s run by Google.

The Google Santa Tracker Dashboard allows users to track the big guy in the fluffy red suit with super real-time precision. Google let’s users see where Santa is going, where he has been, how many presents he has delivered, and how far he has traveled.

As an added bonus, the Santa Tracker dashboard from Google even provides Santa tracking status updates such as “Hmmm those cookies were delicious.”

But wait there’s more! The Santa Tracker from Google also provides fun interactive games like dropping presents down chimneys, riding in a sleigh with Santa, and Rudolph and even a jetpack race.

Still not enough fun for the family? The Santa Tracker program also allows for personalized messages to be sent from Santa to a phone or email or using Google+ accounts.

The Google Santa Tracker came about after NORAD ditched Google and went with Microsoft’s Bing search engine this year.

Personally, I would rather use the Google Santa Tracker. It has always creeped me out that NORAD, a military defense agency, has been seemingly using the Patriot Act to track Santa’s every move.

Be sure to follow Santa on Google+, and, if you have time, download the Santa Tracker app for Google Android and install the Santa Tracker extension for Google Chrome. If that isn’t enough, you can follow Santa Claus in 3D via Google Earth.

You can follow Santa here:

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