Ahead Of Highly Anticipated Film, Marvel Announces 'Rise Of The Black Panther' Comics Series

Ahead of this week's New York Comic Con, and ahead of the highly anticipated Black Panther film -- whose new trailer is rumored to be dropping this week -- Marvel Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing a new comic book series called "Rise of the Black Panther" that will explore the origin of the first black superhero from the comics powerhouse.

In a press release for Rise of the Black Panther, Marvel stated that i09's senior writer Evan Narcisse has teamed up with Black Panther movie writer Ta-Nehisi Coates to pen the story of Young T'Challa and his lineage, showing how the world learns about the wondrous nation of Wakanda for the first time.

Another main focus of the six-part Rise of the Black Panther comics series will be about the legendary king T'Chaka -- whose death changed the course of Wakanda's history -- and about T'Challa's birth mother, whom he never knew because she died when he was young.

This is Narcisse's first time as a comics writer, and needless to say, i09 was thrilled to make the announcement.

But, as with all other comics, the Rise of the Black Panther series is just as much about the artwork as it is about the story. For the art, Marvel commissioned Brian Stelfreeze to do a hand-painted cover for each issue -- a lost art, to be sure, in this increasingly digital age.

Variant covers of the comics -- that is, those that are slightly different from the "officially" released comics -- will be done by Paul Renaud, who is also doing the official artwork for the series.

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Finally, for those that are going to New York Comic Con this year, they'll be getting more surprises about the Rise of the Black Panther comic series as well. During the Cup O' Joe Presents Marvel Legacy: AVENGERS panel on Saturday, October 7, at 11:15 a.m. ET, Marvel plans to announce more details about the comic series that fans, to date, haven't learned.

The Black Panther film is due to be released sometime next year. You can find out where you can pick up your copy of Rise of the Black Panther by going to ComicShopLocator to find a store near you.Leave your thoughts about the Rise of the Black Panther comics series in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Marvel Entertainment]