WWE News: WCW’s ‘War Games’ Match Set To Return At ‘NXT: TakeOver’ Pay-Per-View

The upcoming WWE pay-per-view for NXT: TakeOver will now feature the return of a popular match and concept from the days of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). On Wednesday evening’s new NXT episode, fans officially learned of the announcement of a blockbuster matchup for the NXT pay-per-view. It will involve several of the roster’s top tag team superstars at the moment as they compete within a “War Games Match.” The pay-per-view will also be referred to as NXT TakeOver: War Games and is scheduled to take place at the Toyota center in Houston, Texas, on Saturday, November 18. The centerpiece match for this event could provide a classic bout in the latest era of professional wrestling.

In a report from ProWrestlingSheet on Wednesday, it was revealed that the huge NXT PPV match was officially announced by the show’s General Manager William Regal. Competing in the classic WCW match will be the teams of Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong, The Undisputed Era, and the SAnitY stable’s male trio. The match will involve these factions squaring off in not one, but two rings. Those rings will also each have a steel cage around them, making for some interesting action inside the rings and on the cages.

Undisputed Era Sanity Authors of Pain in War Games match
The Undisputed Era will compete in the War Games match along with SAnitY and the team of Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong. [Image by WWE]

The announcement of the match coincides with WWE trying to bring back some of WCW’s previous pay-per-view concepts. Several weeks ago, rumors hit the internet of the WWE’s upcoming Starrcade event slated for November in Greensboro, North Carolina, and reports later confirmed it. The War Games match has been around since 1987 when WCW unveiled their first edition of it and the matches typically took place at Fall Brawl or other WCW pay-per-view events.

The classic War Games match was created by none other than the late, great Dusty “The American Dream” Rhodes and was based on a concept in the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. In the film, Mad Max was forced to battle inside the dome where various weapons hung around the dome’s caged walls. That led to some intense War Games matches over the years with the first of them featuring The Road Warriors teaming up with Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff to defeat the Four Horsemen.

The Road Warriors appeared in quite a few of the matches throughout the history of the bout as did Sting, Lex Luger, and Hulk Hogan. At one point, the match even brought three cages into play, but it seems that the version coming to NXT: TakeOver will have just two rings and two steel cages. One has to wonder if that will be enough to contain the three brutal teams that will be fighting inside of them.

The teams involved are certainly great choices for this sort of match. All of them seem capable of dishing out and taking plenty of punishment. That’s been seen based on the members of the Undisputed Era while they competed in Ring of Honor, as well as Authors of Pain and SAnitY in their previous battles. It’s hard to pick an early favorite in this contest, but based on the fact the members of The Undisputed Era are newest on the roster, this may be a good match to help them go even more over with.

WWE fans, what do you think of the War Games match being brought back? Will it ever make its way to a main roster pay-per-view?

[Featured Image by WWE]