Danielle Bregoli’s Dad Ira Peskowitz Calls Out ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl

Since Danielle Bregoli found her 15 minutes of fame during an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, she’s been photographed with her mother but never with her father, Ira Peskowitz. The “Cash Me Outside” girl and her dad have a strained relationship which clearly has been made worse by her recent rise to fame at just 14 years old.

Peskowitz has spoken out about his daughter before. Earlier this year, he told the Palm Beach Post that he was “appalled” by what he’s seen his daughter doing. He also called out Dr. Phil for giving his daughter a platform in the first place.

Now that Danielle Bregoli has a budding rap career, her dad is speaking out again and he has a lot to say. Ira Peskowitz made it clear at the beginning of his appearance on the Domenick Nati Show that he is not a deadbeat dad. He claims that he’s been trying to rebuild his relationship with his daughter but that her mom, Barbara Ann, has gone out of her way to stop him.


“We actually started talking on the phone for a little while,” Peskowitz said. “And what the mother did when she found out we were having communications… she made complaints to my place of employment, made police reports saying I’m harassing and threatening my daughter and then they changed her phone number.”

As if that’s not shocking enough, Danielle Bregoli’s father continued. He talked about her recent birthday when he tried to call the “Cash Me Outside” girl to wish her a happy birthday. Peskowitz claims that with his 9-year-old on the line waiting to speak to his sister, a man answered Danielle’s phone and told him, “She calls me daddy now and not you anymore,” before hanging up.


Ira also cleared up a previous TMZ report that claimed he had stopped paying child support for Danielle, who is reportedly pulling in $40,000 per appearance.

Danielle’s dad says both the claims that he stopped paying child support and the claims about how much his daughter earns for an appearance are not true. Ira told Domenick Nati that for the majority of Danielle Bregoli’s life, he has paid $1,100 per month in child support for his daughter.

Peskowitz did admit that he’s working to amend the child support amount because he’s watching his daughter and her mother live a lavish lifestyle and travel at will. So far, Danielle’s dad said that she and her mother have fought to keep their earnings under wraps in order to keep him from sharing the information with the press. In reality, he believes it’s to keep him from getting his child support payments lowered.

As far as how much Danielle Bregoli makes for an appearance, Ira Peskowitz says there is no way his daughter makes $40,000 an appearance. He said that Danielle talked about making an appearance at a Miami music festival but that it never happened just like her reality TV show never happened.


Instead, Peskowitz said that Danielle is signing autographs for $5 each and that his daughter isn’t a real celebrity. He says that those who are helping her stay in the spotlight preyed on a kid who needed help.

Danielle Bregoli’s dad said Danielle doesn’t have a new Porsche. Instead, he says that his daughter leaned against the sports car and snapped a photo. That was the extent of that.

When it comes to having a relationship with his daughter, Ira Peskowitz says that he doesn’t want any of his daughter’s money. He even likened it to dirty money. Peskowitz wished her well but said he wishes she’d just stay out of trouble.

Danielle’s dad did make a plea to the public to help his daughter out. He asked that those who don’t like Danielle Bregoli at least not leave comments asking her to kill herself. Peskowitz also asked those that see inappropriate sexual comments aimed at his daughter to report them.

Check out the video below to see what Danielle Bregoli’s dad, Ira Peskowitz, had to say about Kodak Black and whether he supports her rap career and record deal.

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