Britney Spears Reportedly Scared To Conclude Las Vegas Residency Show After Massacre Shooting

Britney Spears is petrified knowing that she'll be back to performing in Las Vegas next week to conclude her Planet Hollywood residency shows.

The singer was shocked to the core after hearing about the terrible massacre that took place at the Harvest Festival, which heartbreakingly killed 59 people while an overwhelming amount of 500 was left seriously injured.

Following the attack, endless stars have backed out of their residency shows, including Jennifer Lopez, to pay respect to those who were either hurt or affected by the tragic events that had taken place last week.

For Britney Spears, however, her shows won't be returning until next week, which would have given her enough time to gather herself and finalize the remaining dates she has left of her Vegas run.

But according to Radar Online, Britney can't get herself to even think about performing in Sin City after such a horrible act took place just last week.

Spears is worried sick about bringing her family with her as she returns to what she does best, and while she'll be on the stage singing some of her biggest hits, her mind won't be at ease for one second.

Sources say that Britney Spears would have loved nothing more than to back out from the dates she still has to commit herself to, as per the agreement signed in her contract with Planet Hollywood, but she's struggling to come to terms with the massacre.

For Britney Spears, knowing that so many innocent people, including children, had lost their lives at what appeared to be a fun-filled concert completely breaks her heart.

She's aware that such a sickening incident could never happen at her show, considering the high amount of security that'll be guarding Planet Hollywood, but it doesn't change the supposed fact that Britney Spears still doesn't feel ready to perform just yet.

From what's been gathered, it doesn't seem as if the mother-of-two has much of a choice, but it's believed that her entire family will be supporting Britney as she gears up for her first show next week.

They'll be by her side in the hopes that their presence can make her feel more at ease to be performing in Vegas again.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]