Kim Kardashian Mortified By Cellulite Butt Photos, Slams Body Shaming Critics In ‘KUWTK’ Teaser

Kim Kardashian was furious over photos that emerged from her trip to Mexico showing her in some not-so-flattering angles.

In a sneak peek from Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and her friends view some of the images from their getaway girls trip, which had been organized in the hopes of lifting the reality star’s spirit following the Paris ordeal.

Of course, upon seeing the photos that photographers had taken of Kim Kardashian, it had only made the 36-year-old more conscious and annoyed, Hollywood Life reports.

Unflattering cellulite photos of her buttocks went viral on the day photographers took the snaps on a beach in Mexico, leaving Kim completely mortified, as she tells her friends in the clip that the images don’t even resemble her body.

Kardashian, who seems in denial at first that the photos were authentic, causes quite a tantrum as she notes how the Paris robbery incident had taken all the energy out of her, so to then go on a vacation and be embarrassed on such a public platform only made things worse.

The mother-of-three says in the confessional room that she definitely feels pressured to look perfect at all times, and the backlash she received from the photos in Mexico validated her point completely.

The only reason why the cellulite images had gone viral was that they had shown Kim Kardashian in an unflattering light, which the 36-year-old says gave every hater the perfect opportunity to make nasty comments about her body.

Kim, who admits to having changed her diet and her workout plans following the public embarrassment she felt after seeing the images, notes that it can be incredibly frustrating to consistently be viewed upon as someone that has to look a certain way all the time.


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While she, later on, comes to terms with the fact that the photos were real, Kim Kardashian is puzzled why those who ridiculed the way her body looked couldn’t be positive about the situation and not make fun of her cellulite.

After all, many women have it, she stresses.

The full KUWTK scene will air this Sunday on the E! network.

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