Buy The Mammoth Mogul Plane In ‘GTA Online’ Now, Other Discounts Also Active This Week

Another new plane is now available in the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V. The Mammoth Mogul can be purchased from the Warstock Cache & Carry website. The new plane features a single.50 caliber turret by default, but GTA Online players can upgrade the plane with a second gun. The Mogul even has a machine gun that the pilot can operate.

GTA Online players can pick up the Mammoth Mogul for $3.1 million but completing the associated mission will knock the price down to $2.3 million. According to the Rockstar Games site, the Mogul can be outfitted with jet-assisted takeoff and various bombs if upgraded at a Hangar Workshop. Players can choose from explosive, gas, and incendiary bomb types. Of course, the new Mammoth Mogul is just one part of the new content in GTA Online. A new adversary mode and several discounts are now available, too.

Stockpile is the new adversary mode offering double cash and RP for a limited time. With a capture-the-flag theme, two teams helm a number of aircraft in an effort to collect as much loot as possible before the match ends. Two to four teams can steal their rivals’ collected loot to secure their win. The Stockpile adversary mode supports up to 16 players.

GTA Online discounts Mobile Operation Center cabs this week
Save some cash this week when buying a cab for the MOC. [Image by Rockstar Games]

Players not interested in the new PvP mode can earn additional cash and RP from select contact missions. Specifically, missions offered by Ron are worth more money and experience for a limited time. Of course, several new discounts are now active as well. Players can save 25 percent off air racing suits, aircraft handling upgrades, aircraft weapons upgrades, armor upgrades, engine upgrades, flight racing suits, and the Hangar Workshop. Additionally, GTA Online players can save 25 percent off the APC, cabs for the Mobile Operations Center, and the Progen T20 super car.

As usual, a new Premium Race and Time Trial are also available this week. The Premium Race is a motorbike race called “Around the Docks” while the Time Trial is “Power Station.” Those that finish in the top three of a Premium Race earn a boon of cash and all participants earn triple RP for the race. Beating the par time in the Time Trial rewards a modest amount of cash and RP as well.

The current bonuses for the new adversary mode, Ron’s contact missions, and the discounts will run at least until October 9. All of the new aircraft and modes are an extension of the Smuggler’s Run update. As the Inquisitr reported, the major update added player-owned hangars to GTA Online in August.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]