Wendy Williams: Kevin Hart’s Wife, Eniko Parrish, Supporting Talk Show Host Amid Cheating Scandal

Wendy Williams is receiving a lot of support from Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, who thinks the talk-show host is right for standing by her husband, Kevin Hunter, who allegedly cheated on her.

Last week, a shocking report, via Daily Mail, claimed that Hunter, who is also Wendy Williams’ manager, had been living a double life with a massage therapist he had been seeing for well over 10 years.

It should be noted that Wendy Williams and Kevin have been married for 20 years, meaning that half of the time since the day she walked down the aisle, her man had allegedly been sleeping with someone else.

Mixed reports have claimed that Wendy is well aware of her husband seeing another woman, insinuating that the couple shares an open marriage. But last week Tuesday, on her talk show, not only did Williams deny those reports, she claims she’s happily married to this day.

Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, commends the 53-year-old for how strong she’s been to handle this matter in the public, Hollywood Life reveals, considering her day job is to criticize other people’s relationships and their lives.

Eniko thinks that Wendy is brave for how she’s handled the situation because it was only a day after the scandal broke that Williams came forward to let it be known that she isn’t leaving her husband and that all was well in her marriage.

While that may have been an exaggeration on Wendy’s part, it’s better to say that the relationship is fine than to invite more scandals into one’s life by admitting the couple is having issues, according to Eniko.

Parrish can relate to Wendy Williams’ situation since she found out last month that her husband had allegedly cheated on her with multiple women during a trip to Vegas over the summer, and the shocking part was that she was already pregnant at that point.


Eniko understands that women who are familiar with the story can’t comprehend why she would stay with a cheater, but given the circumstance, it’s something that can only be understood by someone who has lived through those events like Wendy Williams.

Do you think Wendy Williams was cheated on by her husband?

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