Tiny Harris Trusts T.I. Won’t Cheat Again But Encourages Him To Check Out Other Women After Reunion

Tiny Harris doesn’t want her husband under any sort of rules after having called off her initial divorce plans.

Multiple reports claim that the relationship T.I. and his wife share hasn’t changed all that much, other than them both being truly committed to being together.

It’s long been rumored that Tiny Harris and T.I. shared an open marriage prior to breaking up in December, which the singer strongly denied, seeing that an alleged affair is what ended up causing the couple to split.

Tiny Harris was livid over reports at the time claiming that her man had been seeing other women, which infuriated her.

Now that they are back together, the Xscape group member has thought long and hard about how she would go about handling the reconciliation, but she made it clear that she doesn’t want T.I. to follow any sort of rules.

According to Hollywood Life, Tiny Harris doesn’t want her husband to change, aside from the fact that the cheating needs to be left in the past.

She doesn’t want to hold him on a leash and tell him what he can and cannot do. That said, Tiny also doesn’t want to find out that T.I. has been hooking up with other women.

At this point, she acknowledges that she made the decision to take him back, so there evidently has to be some trust between the two in order to make their marriage work again.


A source told Hollywood Life that Tiny Harris has been very open-minded so far; she’s not against the idea of T.I. spending time with other women he might be working with at the studio by any means.

She wants this relationship to be the last time she finds herself having to end it because if it was to happen, there’d be no going back.

Tiny Harris has built a trust level with her partner that leads her to think the cheating days are behind them.

With a forthcoming Xscape reunion tour and a reality show that’s set to premiere later this year, Tiny Harris is keeping herself busy, and the last thing she wants is another marital scandal.

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