Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Is Not Jealous Of Liam Hemsworth’s Costars

In September 2013, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ended their first engagement together and went their separate ways. However, by January 2016 the couple had officially reconciled and even decided to move back in together. After the couple originally broke up, Hemsworth actually purchased Cyrus’ previous home in Malibu, where she recorded Meet Miley Cyrus. Once the couple decided to get back together and live with each other once again, the singer moved back into her former home and recorded her new single, “Malibu.” Even as the two have been rebuilding their relationship, there has still been some speculation as to jealousy and what it is like for Cyrus when Liam Hemsworth works with his female costars.

According to Us Weekly, in a new interview, Miley Cyrus actually addressed the idea of her being jealous when it comes to Hemsworth’s costars. It seems that the singer really does not get “too bothered” by the people that her fiance is working with, even if there are rumors to the contrary. On October 4, the singer apparently joked with Howard Stern that “I keep my little spies,” when Liam Hemsworth is working alongside a pretty actress.

All kidding aside, Miley Cyrus made it clear to the radio host that she trusts Hemsworth. Although the singer did admit that when her fiance works with an “attractive actress” she will get “butterflies in her stomach.”

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in 2012 at the 'Hunger Games' premiere. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Now that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have gotten back together, the singer has been opening up about some of her more controversial moments that took place after the initial break up in 2013. One of the more memorable moments that the singer touched upon in the interview revolved around the music video for “Wrecking Ball” and her acknowledgment that the image of her swinging around naked is “not going anywhere.” According to the singer, the last thing she was envisioning during the shoot for “Wrecking Ball” was Hemsworth.

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As Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth continue moving forward with their relationship and avoid the drama of jealousy, the couple seems committed to making things work. Together the two are renovating a home in Nashville, which Cyrus purchased in order to be closer to her family. In fact, one source even said that it is the next project they plan to work on together.

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