Michelle Obama Rips GOP Over Lack Of Diversity

Michelle Obama is ripping the GOP over an observation she made during a State of the Union address when she was on Capitol Hill. The specific time she’s referring to wasn’t mentioned, but was presumably during her husband’s speeches before Donald Trump was inaugurated.

CNN reports that the former first lady made an appearance at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women on Tuesday to open up about her views and opinions on the current administration. While she didn’t mention President Donald Trump by name, it was clear that she was directing many of her comments at how he’s leading the nation, and how opposite his message is to the world to Barack Obama’s when he was president.

As the Inquisitr reported, Michelle Obama discussed how she believes America’s youth will react to President Trump’s agenda after learning some hard lessons. They grew up with a different message under former President Barack and are exposed to an entirely opposite message with Trump that doesn’t hold the same tone of “hope” and “opportunity.”

Mrs. Obama admits that life is “freer” now that she and the former president are out of the White House. There was a lot they couldn’t do out of respect for the position they were in, she explained. Some of the topics she’s addressing now are eight months after Trump entered office and more is surfacing in regard to her true feelings. Michelle Obama tore into the Republican Party for the lack of diversity that was obvious to her when she was at Capitol Hill for the State of the Union address.

“It’s a feeling of color, almost. On one side of the room, it’s literally gray and white, literally, that’s the color palette on one side of the room. On the other side of the room, there’s yellows and blues and whites and greens, physically there’s a difference in color in the tone. Because one side, all men, all white. On the other side, some women, some people of color.

“And I look at that and I go, no wonder. No wonder we struggle. No wonder we don’t trust politics. But it’s not just politics.”

Obama argued that the Democratic side of the cabinet was by far more diverse.

Michelle added that it’s easy for those in Congress and the Senate to be in their own “unique bubble of isolation.” She says individuals holding those positions, as well as the U.S. President, don’t have the same type of interaction with the outside world and some parts of them “lose touch.” She continues that there are people holding on for too long and they treat those seats in Washington as if they “belong” to them, but they don’t because they “belong to the country.” In that regard, Barack and Michelle Obama are of the belief that new ideas, new voices, and diverse perspectives are “crucial” to politics. While the two are relieved to be out of the political environment, they’re helping to shape the next generation of Democrats and remain active in the community.

[Featured Image by Paul Morigi/Getty Images]