Kailyn Lowry’s Haters Have No Limits: Is Lincoln Being Bullied By ‘Teen Mom 2’ Viewers?

Kailyn Lowry is the mother of three boys, and she loves her role as the only female in her house. She’s constantly talking about the funny things her sons say and do, including her newborn son Lux Russell. However, it sounds like Kailyn’s followers will do just about anything to attack her role as a mother and her parenting choices. Like so many of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, Lowry is sharing sponsored posts, and she shared one this morning with Lux Russell and Lincoln Marshall by her side.

As it turns out, her followers were shocked over Lincoln’s haircut. He had straight bangs across his forehead, and people thought it was hilarious. But they didn’t write that the haircut was cute. Instead, the tone was rather negative, resulting in some people bringing up the word “bullies.” According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry’s followers are now showing just how rude and mean they can be.

“Lincolns haircut… idk what’s up with that lol not cute” one person wrote to Kailyn after she shared a photo on Instagram that was actually an ad for a baby carrier, to which another person replied, “It’s a good thing Lincoln’s haircut is on his own head and no y’alls. He’s a kid dude. Leave him alone. Some lines you don’t cross, and bullying a kid is one of them.”

Of course, many celebrities will say that people can attack them but leave the children alone. Even though Kailyn Lowry has filmed the show with her children to document her journey from teenager to adult while raising two children, it seems like people think they can just write mean things about the children. One could argue that the children have done nothing wrong and should be off limits.

Last year, Lowry was furious with some of her followers, and she revealed that she would not be putting pictures on social media of her sons. She later changed her mind and has recently been sharing her kids with the world. In fact, she doesn’t really seem to care what people are writing about them. She hasn’t addressed people lately who have said mean things about her kids on social media. Perhaps she was getting tired of repeating herself, as she kept asking people to be nice on social media.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry posting a sponsored post and people immediately going after her son for his new haircut? Do you think this should be considered bullying?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]