Tesla Model 3’s Hidden Exterior Details Revealed, Including Battery Cooling Vents, License Plate & Towing Info

The Tesla Model 3 has plenty of great interior and exterior features mentioned in reviews, but what about some of the lesser-known exterior details? The new Model 3 is among the most popular cars being talked about right now, with many customers still awaiting the arrival of their vehicle or anxious to pre-order. There have been plenty of interesting Model 3 details popping up around the internet as enthusiasts and reviewers take a closer look at the car. The latest include a look at some of Tesla Model 3’s hidden exterior details. These include the location of the battery cooling vents, as well as further insight into whether or not the Model 3 has a towing capacity as part of its selling points.

So, what are some of the surprises regarding the new Tesla Model 3’s exterior so far? In a report from Teslarati on October 3rd, OCDetailing owner Joe Torbati is shown in a video about these hidden new features. OCDetailing, located in Fremont, California, is an automotive detailing business that offers everything from paint protection and paint correction to providing engine detailing for their customers. In addition to that, Torbati has already captured several “walk around videos” for the Tesla Model 3, and the latest presents his exterior detail findings for the cooling vents, license plate bracket, and towing capabilities.

Tesla Model 3 hidden exterior details
Tesla CEO Elon Musk was the first official owner of a new Model 3 in July. [Image by Getty Images]

In the five-minute video (seen below), Torbati shows off a red Tesla Model 3’s hidden exterior features. One of the first he reveals are the hidden battery cooling vents. These are situated behind the car’s grill on the front end. Torbati mentions that the vents automatically open and close to help cool the battery down. In Teslarati’s report, they indicate that Model S and Model Y owners notice fan noise begins when the car needs to start the cooling process, and the Model 3 will have “similar behavior.” Basically, it could, at times, lead to some people thinking the Model 3 is running while it’s outside, when, in fact, it’s just the cooling system in operation.

The Tesla Model 3’s exterior has a major difference from the Model S in where the license plate holder is located. On the Model S, this is typically located down in front of the car’s vents area. That’s not the case on the new Model 3, as the bracket is not there. Torbati indicates that this probably means a holder needs to be drilled into the car or mounted on with a proper adhesive. That could prove challenging for most customers, and as Torbati mentions, not many people want to drill into their cars to mount their own plates.

The front trunk, aka the “frunk,” is also shown off in the video and is said to be able to have enough room for a carry-on piece of luggage. The battery charger inside its case is already present in the front trunk in Torbati’s video. As he mentions, the “frunk” can also be locked in “valet mode” once an owner hands the car over to valet or anyone else. The valet mode can be activated from the Model 3’s mobile app, among other features.

One more exterior surprise is revealed in the newest video, and that involves the Tesla Model 3’s towing ability. As seen in the walkaround of the exterior, Torbati looks underneath the back bumper area of the Model 3. He reveals no towing hooks or brackets there. Instead, there are two small panels with bolts underneath that help to hold up the back end piece in place. So, it appears this latest car doesn’t have that previously-rumored towing feature, but Torbati speculates that a future Tesla Model 3 will.

[Featured Image by Raedle/Getty Images]