‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Writers Trick Fans With Shocking Twist, Twin Programmed With Real Jason Memories

General Hospital spoilers hint that the soap will toy with fans’ feelings and devastate those that love Jason Morgan. Because ABC showrunner Frank Valentini promised Steve Burton’s initial story would last nine long months, it’s clear he won’t come back to Port Charles and be accepted as Jason Morgan without some struggle. The new GH promo released this week shows Burton saying he needs to get back home to his family overlaid with video of Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and baby Danny. But then there’s Billy Miller’s Jason, who is also Sam’s family. This sets the stage for a cruel twist of fate.

Steve will ultimately be real Jason

This all ties back to Helena’s curse. Helena wanted to crush Sam and ruin her life, just like she promised with her deathbed curse. The cruel twist is that Helena experimented on the twins’ minds and convinced them both that they’re Jason Morgan. Given their identical DNA, it will be hard to sort out who’s Jason and who’s Drew. Right now, Sam loves Miller’s Jason, but Burton’s return will be like a knife in her heart. One man will be ripped away from Sam, and Helena’s awful curse will come true.

Burton plays fake, but he’s the real deal

GH rumors promise Burton is fake Jason (at first). Miller has memories of life with Sam before he came back from the dead. Plus, they’ll find a microchip in Patient 6’s head, which is just like the chip Jake Doe had that Patrick removed. But memories can be implanted, and that’s what happened here. That further confuses the issue. The initial twist of Burton being Drew Q will change in many months, and Burton will finally be revealed as the real Jason. This final twist and reveal are timed to coincide with Miller’s contract end date. If he exits the show, the answer of who’s the real Jason is clear.

GH spoilers: Soap trying to balance fans of both actors

GH ratings are up slightly with the return of Steve Burton, but there’s also a hardcore fan base of those viewers that accept Billy Miller as Jason and will be upset if the role is taken from him, and he turns out to be Drew. The latest spoilers hint that the soap will go back and forth between Burton and Miller as the real Jason, with no resolution for many months. Just who will be the “real” Jason when all is said and done? Here’s some idea of what’s ahead.

Actor contracts offer clues

Some fans still think that Steve Burton won’t be around for long, but that’s not true. Burton told Soap Opera Digest he’s in GH for the long-term and joked he signed a “30-year contract.” While there has not been confirmation of exactly how long his contract is, given comments from Steve Burton and Frank Valentini, it’s very likely a multi-year deal. On the flip side, Billy Miller is on a one-year deal, and his contract expires about the time that Burton’s storyline hits the big nine-month deadline. This may not be a coincidence.

GH doesn’t believe in happy endings

If you think about how the soap writes stories, you’ll know that a happy ending is something rare on GH. So, anyone expecting Steve Burton to come to town and be revealed as Jason Morgan, hold onto your seat. There will not be a simple “Steve is Jason” and “Miller is Drew” reveal. The two guys being twins complicates everything because they have near-identical DNA, so they can’t just test and see who’s who. Also, both men were experimented on by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), and their brains bear the scars.

One revealed as Drew, but then it twists

Frank Valentini promised a twist and said that no one had figured out the plot, but new spoilers tease there will be a reveal, then it will be snatched away from fans later. There’s a terrible double twist coming that will wreck Sam’s life twice. General Hospital rumors promise that Burton will initially be revealed as Drew Quartermaine and the “fake” Jason while Billy Miller is assumed to be the “real” Jason. But that reveal will upset Steve Burton fans that assume he’s the real Jason.

What do you think? Are you ready for a bumpy ride when Burton comes to Port Charles? At first, he’ll be fake Jason and then ultimately the real one, but cruel twists are on the way that will devastate Sam and mess with GH fans who are divided on their loyalties about who they want to be Jason Morgan when all is said and done. Come back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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