Abby Lee Miller Strip-Searched In Prison, Gets Punished For Breaking Rules

Things aren’t going so well for disgraced Dance Moms star, Abby Lee Miller. According to recent reports from inside FCI Victorville, where she is serving her sentence for fraud, she was punished after her cell was searched for contraband. It turns out, Abby Lee Miller was holding fruit inside of her cell, which is a violation of the rules. The reality TV star had to sit outside of her counsellor’s officer for two hours while they decided the best punishment for her.

According to another prisoner, Abby Lee Miller’s punishment wasn’t too bad — the star only had to rake rocks outside for one day.

Fans of Abby Lee Miller already know that the star underwent weight loss surgery prior to checking herself into the prison. Although she was already down in weight, the reality star spoke with her surgeon prior to her admission to FCI Victorville, and they discussed the fact that she was nervous about the food options in prison. Most prisoners don’t have much fresh fruit and other items to choose from in order to snack, and instead must buy any extra food from the commissary — and not a lot of fresh fruit is on the menu. Likely, Abby was attempting to keep her trim figure, despite the fact that it is totally “illegal” in prison.

Abby Lee Miller was strip-searched as part of the regular process of receiving a visitor in prison. The former Dance Moms diva had her hair person from Los Angeles visit her, and then she had to be strip-searched once she made her way back to general population. Although humiliating, it is standard procedure for all inmates in the facility, no matter if they are famous or not.

Miller is still appearing on Lifetime’s Dance Moms, which will only run for three more episodes before it is finally pulled off of the air. Fans of the show are aware that Miller left the show before it came to an end naturally, citing issues with the production company. Her studio is being run by her right-hand woman, Gianna Martello, while Abby Lee Miller finishes her sentence.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]