Jenelle Evans’ Kids Waking Up The Neighborhood? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Reveals Her Sons Wake Up The Baby

Jenelle Evans is the mother of three children, and she may be realizing that it is hard work to care for a toddler and a baby. Jenelle decided to have a baby with David Eason last year as they were growing closer. They recently got married and cemented their little family in North Carolina. However, the daily stresses are returning and Jenelle is up early in the morning because her sons are waking up little Ensley. Evans recently talked about how Ensley was finally sleeping but based on Kaiser being up early in the morning, it sounds like his loud behavior is waking up the baby.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now trying to give her followers some advice, revealing that people who have young boys and may be thinking about another baby should know that they won’t get any sleep.

“If you are a mother of boys with a baby, don’t be surprised when they wake the baby up at dawn,” Evans tweeted, hinting that she’s tired of being woken up by her two boys, Jace and Kaiser.

“Don’t be surprised when they wake the neighborhood at dawn lol,” one follower wrote to her, revealing that perhaps Kaiser and Jace were running around outside their home, waking up the neighbors, to which Evans replied, “We live in the country… I rather them go outside and be loud.”

Yesterday was magical. ????❤️ #EvansToEason #ForeverAndAlways

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Of course, Jenelle Evans recently moved out to the country as she bought some property and then had a custom home built. These days, she can just open her door and let her sons run around outside, even if it is 6 a.m. She’s living in the country and it sounds like she doesn’t have any nearby neighbors, who would be bothered by her decision to let her boys play outside in the wild. Jenelle decided to move away from the city, as she was constantly being followed by fans. After people learned where she lived, they would call Child Protective Services and they would show up to inspect the home. Fans would file reports, saying that her children were in danger.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ tweet about her kids waking up her baby? What advice would you give her given her situation?

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