Javi Marroquin And Briana DeJesus: Javi Calls Her A ‘Super Mom’ In Cute Conversation

Javi Marroquin And Briana DeJesus: Javi Calls Her A 'Super Mom' In Cute Conversation

Javi Marroquin recently returned home from a week in Florida. While Marroquin revealed that he had spent the weekend in Florida with Isaac and Lincoln, many fans assumed that he also went to visit Briana DeJesus, the newest cast member of Teen Mom 2. Marroquin has said many sweet things about Briana and he has even revealed that he would be open to dating her. So when he recently said some sweet things about her on social media, he merely fueled the fire that something was going on between them.

According to a new Twitter conversation, Javi Marroquin recently called Briana a super mom for taking care of her two girls and getting them all ready for the day. On Teen Mom 2, DeJesus is trying to get Luis involved but he doesn’t seem too interested. On the other hand, Marroquin has expressed an interest in dating Briana and since he’s already a father to Lincoln, fans think they will make a great couple. Surely, it’s not helping that he’s flirting with her on Twitter.

“Both girls are up and ready for their day. Idk how I do it sometime lmao” Briana DeJesus revealed on Twitter, to which Javi Marroquin replied, “Super mom.”

The two then got into a conversation about eating Chick-fil-A, something that they had possibly gotten together while spending time together in Florida just last week. She revealed that she was back at Chick-fil-A and he replied that he had gotten her hooked.

There is no real reason why these two should not date. Javi Marroquin is legally divorced from Kailyn Lowry and Briana isn’t in a serious relationship. While Kailyn has revealed that she’s a bit upset about how they are spending time together and learning about their flirtations on social media, there are no other people who are against this relationship. Perhaps Briana is just trying to see if Luis will step up to the plate. While she may not want to date him, she may feel awkward about jumping into a new relationship just months after welcoming her second baby with another man.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin’s sweet tweet to Briana? Do you think they should ignore their haters and try a relationship despite the distance between Delaware and Florida?

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