Why Tamar Braxton Fired Her Stylist Over $40

Tamar Braxton fired her stylist after an argument over a $40 jumpsuit from Forever 21.

The singer and Braxton Family Values reality star confirmed this week that she decided to let her stylist go after they got into a verbal fight over what she should wear during a recent appearance.

Tamar, who was also accused of getting into an “explosive” argument with TV host DeRay Davis during an appearance on VH1’s Hip Hop Squares last month, revealed on Instagram that she actually fired her stylist after he told her she shouldn’t wear the jumpsuit during an interview because he didn’t think it was expensive enough.

She also claimed that he then tried to “bully” her into wearing something else.

“The stylist today tried to make me feel ‘less than’ because he didn’t agree that I should wear @forever21… well… I FIRED him,” Braxton told fans of the drama via Instagram. “NO ONE should make you feel ‘less than’ because you have on a $40 outfit!!”

Tamar then went on to call her now former stylist “awful” and a “bully” for trying to make her feel bad for not wearing an expensive designer outfit during her recent media appearance as she does the rounds to promote her new and last album, Blue Bird of Happiness.

Adding that her clothing choices – be they expensive or budget – don’t “make” her, Braxton then encouraged her 2.7 million Instagram followers to “be confident in WHATEVER u have….Wear, are, and CHOOSE to be or afford!!”

“You BETTER walk in confidence no matter what shape, size, or financial situation!” Braxton continued in the caption on the social media site. “You are AMAZING and don’t let ANYONE bully you into spending what you have.. or NOT.. it doesn’t make you ANY LESS FABULOUS!!”

Tamar’s inspiring words came in the caption of an upload which showed her making an appearance on Essence Live this week. She posted two side by side photos to her official account, one showing her wearing the $40 camouflage print jumpsuit on the set and another showing it on a model.

Fans then praised the Braxton Family Values star, who’s made no secret of her outspoken personality even as the cameras rolled for her family reality show, for her inspiring message in the comments section and thanked the singer for keeping it real when it comes to her clothing choices, despite the unnamed stylist losing his job.

“ABSOLUTELY, TAMAR!!! AWESOME statement,” one fan responded to Tamar’s words, while another wrote, “Praise the lord…..hallelujah u go tay tay.”

But while Braxton was keeping costs down with her outfit, her Instagram snap showed that she wasn’t exactly sticking to a budget on her feet.

Why Tamar Braxton Fired Her Stylist Over $40

The star, who Celebrity Net Worth alleges is worth an estimated $8 million, was also showing off her black Christian Louboutin boots on the social media site which likely cost hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

What do you think of Tamar Braxton’s decision to fire her stylist for his comments on her Forever 21 jumpsuit? Did she do the right thing?

[Featured Image by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for MegaFest]