‘Scandal’ Is Back For Season 7: Where We Left Off And Where We Are Going In The Final Season [Sneak Peek]

'Scandal' Is Back For Season 7: Where We Left Off And Where We Are Going In The Final Season [Sneak Peek] [Featured Image by ABC]

The final season of Scandal is almost here, and even though fans are not ready to say goodbye to Olivia Pope, they are excited for the show’s return after a long hiatus. Last season ended with several surprises, including an assassination on election night, and we can be sure that Season 7 will be no different.

Let’s refresh our memories on where we left our favorite characters.

Olivia successfully got Mellie elected President, and now she is going to run B613. According to Hollywood Life, we are going to see an extremely dark side of Olivia in this final season and choking out her mother will seem like nothing when you see what she does next.

Once Mellie realizes Olivia tricked her into funding B613, she’s going to be mad, but that will only be the beginning of the challenges she faces during her term.

Luna is now dead after Olivia and Jake gave her an option of killing herself or letting Jake do the deed. She chose to take poisonous pills so the truth that she was behind Frankie’s death wouldn’t come out. Instead, Cyrus has been arrested and charged with the murder, even though we all know he didn’t do it. Rowan was actually the one that killed Frankie, just to save Olivia.

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As for Quinn, she is now running OPA and is pregnant with Charlie’s baby. Instead of leaving OPA (now called QPA for Quinn Perkins & Associates) after finding out she is expecting, she and Abby decided to run it together.

Fitz has left the White House and is heading to Vermont to start his Presidential foundation and has left Olivia behind.

Finally, after being shot last season, Maya got rid of her tracking chip and is on the hunt to kill, but the target is not who everyone thinks.

Hollywood Life reports that there will be a time jump to start the season, about 100 days into Mellie’s presidency, but “when the show picks back up, nothing will have changed.”

The final season of Scandal premieres Thursday, October 5th on ABC. Be sure to check out a sneak peek below.

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