Gabrielle Union Tells Heartbreaking Story Of Her ‘Eight Or Nine’ Miscarriages

Gabrielle Union opens up about fertility issues & multiple miscarriages

Gabrielle Union is opening up about her heartbreaking struggle to get pregnant and revealing that she’s had “eight or nine” miscarriages over the past few years.

The Being Mary Jane actress – who married NBA star Dwayne Wade in 2014 – got very candid about her IVF and fertility issues in her very personal new book, where she speaks out about how difficult it’s been for her to have fans and the media constantly asking her if she’s pregnant and wants kids with her husband during her private struggle to become a mom.

Gabrielle, who’s enjoyed roles in a slew of hit TV shows including Friends, Something the Lord Made, and Flash Forward, said in an excerpt of her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine obtained by People, that she’s actually had “eight or nine miscarriages” and often feels like a prisoner in her own body.

“For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant,” she said of her struggle to become a mom. “I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.”

Gabrielle also opened up about how hard it’s been for her to be bombarded by constant questions about whether or not she’s pregnant and if she and Dwayne are going to have children of their own.

“People feel very entitled to know, ‘Do you want kids?'” she wrote in the book, admitting that she would often just say “no” to the personal questions about her family plans because it was easier than discussing her fertility struggles and past miscarriages.

“People mean so well,” Union said of being bombarded with baby questions and pregnancy speculation following her miscarriages, “but they have no idea the harm or frustration it can cause.”

Gabrielle also admitted that she can often look a little bloated, which only intensifies the pregnancy speculation.

“It leads to the questions and it leads to the rumors,” she said after confirming her multiple miscarriages. “Anytime I go into a doctor’s office I feel like I’m a member of SEAL Team Six undercover because I don’t want people to speculate.”

Union also confirmed in the book that she actually never wanted children of her own until she became a loving step mom to Dwayne’s kids, three-year-old Xavier, 10-year-old Zion, and 15-year-old Zaire. She then realized that she would love to have a baby of her own with her husband after marrying him three years ago.

“I became a stepmom, and there was no place I’d rather be than with them,” the BET actress said of having Dwayne’s three kids in her life.

Gabrielle Union Tells Heartbreaking Story Of Her '8 Or 9' Miscarriages

But despite her past trauma when it comes to getting pregnant, Gabrielle confirmed that she and her basketball player husband Dwayne are not giving up on their campaign to have a baby of their own.

Writing about their plans for the future in her book, the star said that she and her husband of three years “remain bursting with love” and are both “ready to do anything to meet the child we’ve both dreamed of.”

Union’s hints suggest she may be open to other methods of becoming parents away from getting pregnant herself, potentially including surrogacy or adoption.

Gabrielle Union’s candid new book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, will be released on October 17.

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