‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 111 Leak: Goku’s New Power ‘Mastery Of Self-Movement’ Explained

Goku in 'Dragon Ball Super'

As fans wait for the release of the Dragon Ball Super special this Sunday, exciting new details have been leaked online about the installment that will follow the one-hour television event.

The ever-reliable Dragon Ball tipster Herms98 is back with the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111, which is titled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!”

The title alone suggests that something horrible awaits Goku, who will be battling the strongest warrior of Universe 11 in the highly-anticipated special. Hit is stepping up to the plate to fight him next in Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 after Goku is “injured head to toe” by Jiren.

However, it appears that before he gets completely knocked out, Goku will awaken to a new power referred to as “Mastery of Self-Movement,” which basically allows his body to “react on its own” regardless of the severity of the injuries he sustained.

From the looks of it, Goku will unlock a new power-up that will give him the ability to physically brawl even though his body does not have the strength to. This is because the technique apparently relies mostly on mind power to fulfill.

A screenshot from 'Dragon Ball Super'

This is what makes it tricky though. It has been pointed out by fans that the new technique has already been mentioned early on in Dragon Ball Super, where it was revealed that the move is something that even Gods of Destructions like Beerus are yet to fully master.

Unfortunately, the fact that the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 still keeps the details on this new transformation a secret implies that fans might not see it unfold, at least not in its entirety, in the one-hour special.

Either way, it appears that Jiren is convinced that he is done with Goku and immediately locks in Hit as his next target. While the installment teases the showdown between the two, it is expected that it will be in this episode that Goku will showcase more of his new power-up. The hero might be down come Dragon Ball Super Episode 111, but the Tournament of Power has not seen the last of him.

It will also be interesting to see the chances that Hit has in beating Jiren in Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 especially after watching Goku get destroyed mercilessly. The Universe 11 beast has proven himself to be a redoubtable architect of destruction.

The Dragon Ball Super one-hour special featuring Episode 109 and 110 back to back airs October 8. Episode 111 will air the following week, which is October 15.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]