‘LPBW’ Star Jeremy Roloff Returns To Work After Audrey Admits To Postpartum Depression After Baby Ember

'LPBW' Star Jeremy Roloff Returns To Work After Audrey Admits To Postpartum Depression After Baby Ember [Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]

It’s pumpkin season, and that means it’s a busy time for the Roloff family. The stars of Little People, Big World own a farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, and their pumpkin patch is a huge attraction. That means it’s time for Jeremy Roloff to go back to work and spend time away from his wife Audrey and newborn daughter, Ember.

The couple welcomed their baby girl just a few weeks ago, and being new parents has been tougher than they expected–especially for Audrey. The new mom recently revealed on Instagram that she has been suffering from postpartum depression and mastitis, a breast tissue infection. She said she was prepared for the pain of childbirth, but not for what came after. The mastitis has resulted in engorged breasts, bruises, and blisters. She added that breastfeeding has been as painful as going through labor without medication.

The struggle has been difficult, and the barre instructor says she feels like she is failing her baby girl. However, she vows to keep going, because her daughter is worth it. Her husband told US Weekly that his wife is amazing and strong.

However, now that it’s the busy season at the farm and pumpkin picking has started, Jeremy has to head back to work and help his parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, while leaving his wife and daughter home alone.

“This was the first day that I was away pretty much the whole day from Auj and Ember and golly — miss them,” the 27-year-old said on Instagram. “Miss that little girl already. Now I know what it feels like, total dad zone.”

Our little Ember is two weeks old today!???? She's likes cuddling on our chests, swaying, and when her daddy sings to her. While I am overflowing with love for my daughter and husband, I won't sugar coat it… these past two weeks have been HARD. The first 24 hours with Ember were bliss, but after that it was as if I went back into labor again… I was well prepared for the pain and suffering that comes with childbirth, but I was not prepared for the pain and suffering that comes afterwards. I got all the things… the common "TMI" postpartum hurts, along with severe engorgement, too much milk, not enough milk, blisters, bruises, clogged ducts, and mastitis. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the pain that I've experienced while breast feeding has been comparable to unmedicated labor contractions. Inevitably, all of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby, frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached. But even though the tearful sleepless nights persist, so will I. I will continue to pour myself out in sacrificial love for this baby girl who makes every hurt worth enduring. And not by my strength or striving, but in Christ alone. I've been humming the these lyrics while I nurse and pump through the nights, "Lord, I come, I confess, Bowing here I find my rest, Without You I fall apart, You're the One that guides my heart, Lord I need you oh I need you, Every hour I need you, My one defense, my righteousness, Oh God, how I need you…" Motherhood is already refining me so much and I am blessed. #journeyofjerandauj #emberroloff pc: @juliagreenphotography

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In Touch reports that throughout the day, Jeremy Roloff continued to post different clips to his Instagram story, giving fans a tour while riding a tractor. He also showed the pumpkin store and introduced three pigs named ham, bacon, and sausage.

For the last month, both Jeremy and Audrey have laid low on social media, opting instead to spend time with their baby. However, with each of them posting this weekend, it seems they are ready to share their lives again with fans.

Little People, Big World will return with new episodes this fall on TLC.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]