‘Counting On’ Star Joy-Anna Duggar Ignores Courting Rules With Pre-Wedding Trip With Austin Forsyth

'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Ignores Courting Rules With Pre-Wedding Trip With Austin Forsyth [Featured Image by TLC]

In the latest episode of Counting On, fans were treated to a bachelor/bachelorette party for Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth and her husband, Austin Forsyth. Of course, the weekend didn’t include any bar hopping or strip clubs, but the couple did break a Duggar courting rule.

The groom and bride-to-be, plus twenty of their friends and siblings, headed to the woods for a “legitimate camping” trip so everyone could “rough it,” which meant no electricity and no make-up. It seemed like the perfect trip for the couple, but a pre-wedding weekend away from home is not usually allowed in the Duggar house.

However, the newlyweds – they got married on May 26 – didn’t seem to care much for the rules while they were courting, breaking the “no front hugs” rule and the “no hand-holding before engagement” rule while shooting their reality show.

Some speculate that they broke the ultimate Duggar rule before their wedding because Joy-Anna moved their wedding date from October to May, and announced her pregnancy just weeks after the two walked down the aisle. Her new baby bump pictures have convinced some fans that she got pregnant before she got married.

As far as the camping trip goes, the couple got around the “no trips together” stipulation by having multiple chaperones.

The group started the weekend with a kayak trip down the Mulberry River that resulted in both Forsyth’s flipping into the water. The party continued with time on a rope swing and making s’mores by the campfire.

It was at this time that the couple’s wedding coordinator, Laura, had the two play a game to find out how well they know each other. People magazine called it the ultimate test for an engaged couple.

The rules of the game were simple: the couple sits back to back after handing each other one of their shoes, and when asked a question that applies to your partner, you raise your partner’s shoe, and when it applies to you, you raise your own shoe.

The questions ranged from who said, “I love you” first to who will be doing the cooking.

Their friends enjoyed watching the game, especially when the two were asked who has the smelliest feet. Both answered Joy-Anna.

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Hollywood Life said the only hiccup during the weekend was the sleeping arrangements. There weren’t enough trees to set up all of the men’s hammocks, so they used their trucks instead.

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