‘Fast N’ Loud’ Star Aaron Kaufman Announces His New Show ‘Shifting Gears’: Will Richard Rawlings Guest Star?

Former 'Fast N' Loud' Star Aaron Kaufman Announces His New Show 'Shifting Gears': Will Richard Rawlings Guest Star? [Featured Image by Discover Channel International]

Fans of former Gas Monkey Garage master mechanic, Aaron Kaufman, will be happy to learn that he is now Shifting Gears and returning to the Discovery Channel with his new show. What do we know about Shifting Gears and will Garage Rehab and Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings be paying a visit?

When “The Bearded Wonder” left Fast N’ Loud last year, it meant that he was leaving a 16-year relationship with his longtime partner Richard Rawlings.

Aaron initially stated that he departed the show because the television schedule didn’t allow him to do the sorts of builds he preferred. And he also confesses that he is more of a “Ford truck guy,” when he had the epiphany that everything he owned was Ford.

So, he left Gas Monkey Garage and eventually started Arclight Fabrication shop, located not that far from his old pals. Here, he can focus on his love of Ford F-series trucks. The shop is focused on “making parts, selling merchandise and holding events dedicated to the 1957-79 model years.”

Although the master mechanic did some YouTube videos about Arclight Fabrication, he still got offers to do another show. Finally, Kaufman and Discovery came to an agreement.

“Initially, I had left television with the intention of staying gone from television. However … my phone kept ringing to do more television, so finally we found a set of circumstances that I think work better for my personality.”

Unlike Fast N’ Loud, we won’t be seeing Aaron Kaufman negotiating with a wad of $20 dollar bills. Instead, he explains that Shifting Gears will focus more on vehicle “subculture,” as well as a few mechanic tips from the master himself.

“The purchase of the vehicle bears little importance [to the show] at all. [With] every vehicle, we’re trying to use it as a catalyst to explore a different automotive subculture.”

As Fast N’ Loud is already viewed worldwide, in 200 countries, gearheads should be all over Shifting Gears.

As for Richard Rawlings, will he be a guest star on Shifting Gears? Their two shops are nearby, and already, Rawlings is praising Kaufman on social media for his new Discovery show. It would not be such a surprise to see the pair reunited on television, even for just an episode.

Rawlings spoke to Guide Live about Aaron’s new venture. He calls himself a “proud father,” and explained that what he does and what Kaufman is doing is not the same, but wishes him the best.

“It’s not buying and selling hot rods for the masses. Everybody knows where he came from; he did a great job here, and I hope he kills it.”

Kaufman also has great things to say about the guy he spent 16 years working with, although both of their busy schedules don’t allow them much opportunity to get together.

“Do we get along? Yeah… but we definitely see the world differently and it doesn’t leave us much time or opportunity to hang out.”

Shifting Gears already began filming three weeks ago, and the first episode should air sometime in February 2018.

The Inquisitr has already reported that Fast N’ Loud returns on October 16, so Gas Monkey Garage fans will soon have their fix of hot rods. Season 5 includes another Shelby, a 1965 Shelby GT Mustang!

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