Michelle Obama Says What Today’s Youth Won’t ‘Tolerate’ After Hard Lessons Learned From Trump’s Presidency

Michelle Obama was outspoken about what today’s young generation is learning from President Donald Trump and how they won’t “tolerate” certain values he represents. The former first lady appeared at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women on Tuesday to discuss a mix of topics, many of which had to do with the current presidency and how it’s impacting the nation’s next generation.

CNN, on their website, recapped many of Michelle Obama’s statements when it came to addressing the differences between her husband’s administration and Trump’s. Adhering to her signature rule of not uttering Trump’s name when attacking his leadership, she managed to get her point across yet again with her words.

Mrs. Obama praised her husband’s presidency as one that had a positive message of “hope” and “possibility.” She realizes that many of today’s young people were brought up with Barack Obama’s messages and are now learning a difficult lesson from the new presidency. Michelle continued that the younger generation grew up only knowing hope, possibilities, options, opportunity, and creating more space. The 53-year-old senses that America’s youth will feel that today’s political climate is “intrinsically not what they were taught.”

Touching on the awareness aspect that young people possess when it comes to social issues and political agendas, Michelle Obama explained that they’re “more open” in ways and aren’t willing to tolerate “obvious inequities.” She thinks this new generation will witness what’s happening now in the world and tell themselves that it “doesn’t feel right” because it’s not what they were taught.

At other moderated forums Michelle has attended in recent weeks, she’s expressed that she has hope regardless of Trump’s leadership because she foresees the political climate changing in the future. It’s basically a matter of waiting things out and making a difference while doing it. For instance, she and the ex-president are working hard to inspire and help new voices enter the political realm. It’s about fresh perspectives and playing a part in the country’s continuing evolution.

Mrs. Obama made waves last week when she said that women who voted against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election “voted against their own voice.” She asserted that female voters went with who they were told to like. The statement drew immediate backlash from conservative women who voted for Donald Trump. Now that Michelle Obama is out of the White House, she’s speaking out more about Trump’s presidency. She did conclude that she and her husband want Trump to succeed as the nation’s president.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]