Reno Ward Steps Into His Late Father’s Shoes On His Return To ‘Ice Road Truckers’

Reno Ward from the History series Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers recently posted to their Facebook page a trailer for the next episode, aptly titled “The Son Rises.” Twenty-three-year-old Reno Ward returns to help Lisa Kelly get crucial loads out to the hard-to-reach and extremely remote communities that they serve. This is a bittersweet reunion for the truckers, and the video for the new episode is heartbreaking to watch.

Mark Kohaykewych, owner of Polar Industries, presents Reno with his father’s truck. The Inquisitr shared that Darrell Ward was 52-years-old when he lost his life in an airplane crash on August 28, 2016. Darrell’s family, friends, and legions of fans alike were shocked by the tragic news. The new season of Ice Road Truckers hasn’t been the same, and Reno’s return obviously means a lot to everyone.

Darrell always came to the aid of any fellow trucker in need, and Reno seems to have that same mindset. Reno, whose looks and mannerisms undoubtedly remind those around him of his father, has just finished with school. He states that he had nothing really planned yet so when the call came, he decided to come up and help both the truckers and the communities waiting for their supplies.

“He’s a good kid with a good head on his shoulders,” Mark states in the preview.

Reno is well aware of just how dangerous the roads are, but he is excited to show the other truckers how capable he is and perhaps even “impress them along the way.” Fans of the show will remember that this isn’t Reno’s first time to tackle the roads when Darrell went into business for himself during the eighth season of the show, he hired Reno to help move the loads. When Reno had to return to school, Darrell and Lisa formed a partnership. Now with Darrell gone, it is Lisa who is turning to his son for help.

So far, this hasn’t been an easy season for any of the truckers, fickle weather conditions and the push to get as many loads delivered as possible only adds to the stress. Reno will have his hands full but if anyone can do it, it would definitely be Darrell Ward’s son. Perhaps Reno will be thinking of Darrell’s well-known motto of “Let’s Get It Done,” as he drives his father’s truck down the icy and treacherous roads.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below. Ice Road Truckers airs on Thursday’s at 10 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

[Featured Image by Reno Ward/Facebook]