West Webster Firefighters Shot At When Responding To A Fire Call In New York

UPDATE 1 pm – The Webster firefighters alleged shooter was found dead near the scene. It is currently unclear is the gunshot wound was self-inflicted or fired by chasing police officers. Click here for a detailed report on the emerging details of the senseless and tragic shooting near Rochester.

UPDATE 11:30 am – Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn stated that West Webster firefighters, all volunteers, came under fire as the exited their fire engines and tried to fight the fire, NBC 29 News reports. Two Webster firefighters that were wounded at the Rochester area scene, are now reportedly in critical condition. No updates about the shooter or shooters has been offered by law enforcement officers who are still searching the Lake Ontario scene.

UPDATE 11:09 – Multiple fire crews are reportedly on the scene of the Webster fire attempting to put out the blaze which has spread to at least three homes and one vehicle. No updates about the status of the shooter who killed two West Webster firefighters and injured two more, have been offered by local law enforcement. It is also unknown if there was just one or more shooters. The firefighter shooting reportedly took place in a middle class neighborhood just after the volunteer emergency responders arrived on scene early this morning.

UPDATE 10:25 am – Unconfirmed reports indicate that the house where the fire started might have been a meth lab. Local law enforcement officials have not yet released any information about a possible meth lab. Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn stated during an interview with the Democrat and Chronicle, a West Webster area newspaper, that no active shooters are at the scene.

Residents near the West Webster shooting scene have reportedly been evacuated as the New York State Police, and other law enforcement agencies search for the shooter. US Border Patrol agents are in the air above the firefighter shooting scene.

UPDATE : 10:08 – The fire has now spread to three homes, but West Webster firefighters are now able to fight the blaze. The scene is reportedly secured but no reports have emerged about the shooter or shooters. The homes are reportedly a combination of occupied and unoccupied homes, NBC 10 News reports. The ability to continue to fight the fire after two of their brethren have been killed and two more injured is a testament to the dedication of the heroic West Webster firefighters.

UPDATE : 10 am – Two firefighters are dead after being shot while responding to the West Webster house fire, according to CNN. According to reports by local fire marshal Rob Boutillier, the Rochester area firefighters came under fire as they fought the flames which were ripping through the home on Lake Road. Two West Webster firefighters are being treated at Strong Memorial Hospital.

West Webster, NY – Firefighters arrived on a scene of a house fire on Lake Road and were reportedly shot while attempting to respond to the emergency call. West Webster police officers are reportedly attempting to get the scene secure at the 6 am incident.

The Monroe Country Fire Wire website reports that firefighters were injured at the shooting scene. West Webster is just east of Rochester, according to the Associated Press. The AP report indicates that while multiple firefighters were shot at, only one victim has been confirmed.

A West Webster Fire Department official stated that a firefighter has been transported to the Strong Memorial Hospital and is listed in satisfactory condition. The structure fire on Lake Road has reportedly spread to a second home. The firefighters are unable to battle the growing blaze because the scene is not yet secure. The shooter, of possibly shooters, have not yet been taken into custody.

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