Joy-Anna Duggar Shotgun Wedding Rumors Confirmed? Docs Claim The ‘Counting On’ Star Is Over 20 Weeks

Having sex before marriage is not normally a scandal in 2017, but when you are Joy-Anna Duggar and a member of the Duggar family, things are a bit different. The uber-conservative, deeply religious family have their own strict rules when it comes to dating. Is it possible that Joy-Anna ignored them and had sex and got pregnant before her wedding to Austin Forsyth?

According to Dr. Sean Henry, who has not treated Duggar-Forsyth, it’s not only possible but likely. The doctor, who hosts Dr. Sean’s Women’s Health Podcast told Radar Online that, judging from her most recent baby bump photo, she is about 24-26 weeks pregnant.

Considering Duggar-Forsythe married her husband Austin Forsyth on May 26, that’s a major bombshell!

In her post, the Counting On star said that she recently felt her baby kick for the first time and it was the size of a bell pepper, weighing about a half a pound. Cafe Mom says that pregnancy charts indicate that a fetus that size would be about 18 weeks old, but Dr. Henry says moms don’t feel fetal movement until about 19-21 weeks.

Many followers of Duggar-Forsyth’s account agree with the doctor, some claiming that she looks close to delivery and others calling her a hypocrite.

Rumors of a shotgun wedding started when the reality star moved her wedding date from October 28 to May 26, 2017. The gossip accelerated three months later when Duggar-Forsyth announced she was pregnant.

Now, it seems the only way for the couple to prove they didn’t commit the ultimate act of Duggar hypocrisy is if she delivers more than nine months after her wedding day, or 40 weeks to be exact. Until that day comes, rumors will continue to follow the couple, who admitted to breaking the courting rules of no front hugging or hand-holding until a ring is on the finger.

During the Counting On reunion special, Forsyth said, “We’re humans, and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules. We try. That was a real hard try.”

The size of the baby bump wasn’t the only controversy associated with the Instagram post. Duggar-Forsyth used the carousel feature and posted a pro-life meme, plus a photo of her husband holding an “abortion is murder” sign. Many fans were upset that Duggar-Forsyth included politics in a post meant to celebrate her pregnancy.

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