Numerologist David Meade Predicts ‘Seven Years Of War And Disaster Will Begin October 21’

David Meade says earth will be under fire

When discussing why the world did not end on September 23, Christian conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed researcher, David Meade, claimed people had misunderstood his Planet X prophecy. He claims never to have said the world would end on that date, and he is now saying we could be in for seven years of nuclear war and natural disaster starting on October 21.

Conspiracy theories that he spread which suggested the Earth would be annihilated by the mysterious planet named Planet X or Nibiru spread globally prior to September 23.

But Meade, who is often cited as the originator of this Doomsday theory, came out prior to September 23 and said Planet X would not destroy the earth on that date. Instead, he stated the planet would cause catastrophic events to take place over a period of seven years starting in October, and specifically on October 21. Events that he was alluding to would include solar flares that could destroy electricity grids, nuclear attacks, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

The earthquake in Mexico and hurricanes in the Caribbean are all related to the Planet X theory, Meade claimed.

“Ever since the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, we have been hit by a continued series of judgments.”

Despite the numerous articles that were written about his original prophecy, Meade insisted the date of September 23 was not intended to be the end of the world. Rather, he said, that specific date relates to a verse in the Bible which apparently matches the August 21 date when Hurricane Harvey battered Texas.

Luke’s passage 21:25 to 26 reads, “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”

Meade claimed “nothing” would happen in September, but October would be “action month” and the possible start of a seven-year “tribulation.”

He believes that on October 5, Planet X will fully eclipse the sun and cover the earth in shadow, which will signal the start of what Meade specifically refers to as the “seven-year-tribulation” on October 21.

Furthermore, Meade claims an asteroid named “Wormwood,” measuring at least three kilometers in diameter, which Meade also claims is attached to the debris field of the Planet X star system will hit the earth at some point during the seven years.

Numerologist says the end is near

The “tribulation,” he believes, will also involve “nuclear exchanges between the US, Britain and our enemies – Russia, China, Iran and North Korea”

“It will involve cataclysmic climate events related to Planet X or Wormwood – those are the trumpet judgments of Revelation,” he explained.

On top of that, Meade states that solar flares would take down the power grid, and grocery stores should expect to be cleaned out within one day. Banks and ATM machines won’t work without electric current. Gas pumps won’t be functioning, and so, the transportation of food will halt.

David Meade believes people will race in and out of stores to gather as much supplies as possible before the apocalypse arrives

Meade spoke more on what will result from all this.

“Rioting and looting will be unrestrained…. society will be in chaos. It would be not a good time to be here, really.”

Meade, who claims to combine biblical studies and science to make his prophecies, believes that soon after October 21 of this year, there will be a “rapture” in which close to a billion Messianic Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and non-denominational believers will be removed from the earth.

According to Meade, after the seven years of “tribulation” is over, the remaining people on earth will enjoy a millennium of peace.

Even though NASA denies the existence of Planet X or Niburu, Meade believes there has been a huge cover-up, and his theories are a truly “possible scenario.”

“My personal intuition is that these events will transpire – or begin to transpire – between October 21 and the end of 2017. That’s my best estimate of a date range for inception. I can’t be much more exacting than that. But the odds of the September 23 sign are billions to one. It signals the ‘end of days.'”

Meade even claims the recent earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in the Caribbean are all related to Planet X and his theories.

“It’s the beginning,” he said.

“The Mexico City quake was about an 8.0 – the same intensity of earthquake that destroyed San Francisco. Over 1,000 people right now are reported dead, many more missing.”

He cited the solar eclipse that took place on August 21 as evidence that the time of judgment has already started.

“The solar eclipse on August 21 was a scriptural sign of God’s judgment on our nation and judgment came swiftly afterward.”

The earthquake that did so much destruction in Mexico is only the beginning, according to Meade

Meade said he does not understand how or why people have misunderstood his prophecy, but he is adamant that while he is now saying that October 21 will be the beginning of the end, he has never predicted the actual end of the world.

“People tend to read sensationalistic headlines, and not go to the source. My book is the source. They don’t even read it. My book’s updates are on my Planet X site – they don’t read those, either. As Donald Trump would say, this is ‘fake news’ they write about me. Nothing you can do about it really. Just stay a cool customer.”

David added that he didn’t want people to panic when they read his prophecies but to “remain calm, watch and pray.”

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