Beyonce Amused By Wendy Williams Cheating Scandal Amid Ongoing Feud

beyonce wendy williams feud cheating affair kevin hunter

Beyonce finds Wendy Williams’ cheating fiasco with her husband, Kevin Hunter, hilarious, according to a new report.

The singer, who reportedly detests the talk show host for having ridiculed her marriage to Jay Z in the past, can’t help but look at the given situation as ultimate karma to someone who had badmouthed everybody else and their relationship struggle.

As fans will recall, Wendy Williams was rocked with headlines last week, via Daily Mail, alleging that her husband of 20 years had been having an affair with a woman that’s been in Kevin’s life for more than 10 years.

The story kept on giving as sources revealed how Hunter had even purchased a home in New Jersey for his other woman, whom he shares an equal amount of time with before heading back to being with Wendy and their teenage son.

Beyonce has never found herself in a situation where she has put up with a man that was discreetly sleeping with another woman for 10 years, so the last thing the talk show host should be doing is ridiculing other people’s marriages, a source tells Hollywood Life.

Beyonce is amused by the supposed fact that while Williams has talked bad about other people’s relationships, her own was ultimately the most shocking of them all.

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Following the cheating scandal, Beyonce reportedly believes that the 53-year-old will be much more careful when trying to make fun of another person’s romance that’s caught up in a scandal concerning an affair.

Sources add by saying that while Wendy has said all is fine between herself and Kevin, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hollywood Life claims that the former radio personality is going above and beyond to put on a brave face and not show her staff members how broken she is about the news of her husband living a double life.

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While Beyonce isn’t somebody who would wish bad on other people by any means, she can’t help but find it funny that the woman who has ridiculed her marriage to Jay Z in the past is now facing a much bigger problem.

Are you siding with Beyonce on this one?

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